[Album Review] The Book Of Us: The Demon (6th Mini Album) – DAY6

Apologies for another day late album review. I was a bit busy yesterday and only got the Weekly Chart Post out before the day was over. But before we proceed with any more reviews, I had to get this out so I don’t fall behind (I had cancelled a few album reviews this year because of this). The album I have chosen to review yesterday/today is DAY6’s The Book of Us: The Demon, which features Zombie. This is the third mini-album release part of The Book of Us series, following The Book of Us: Gravity (title track – Time Of Our Life) and The Book of Us: Entropy (title track – Sweet Chaos). Unfortunately, DAY6 will not be promoting this album, which is a major pity given how good the songs on this album (and any album of theirs) are.

The Book of Us: The Demon Album Cover
The Book of Us: The Demon Album Cover

1. Day & Night (해와 달처럼) – Opening this album is Day & Night. While the track is quite upbeat and bright in terms of energy, I find it to be quite light and really nice as an opener track. It opens up with this synth that resembles harmonizing vocals and some short guitar beats. We are then thrown into a verse with really nice vocals and we hear the track slowly building up to the pop-centric chorus, which features a really appealing blast of energy and keeps in line with the rest of the song. As mentioned, the vocals are quite nice throughout the song, not just the verses. I really liked the melodies in this song, especially when it came to the pre-chorus. I also liked the alternating lines that Wonpil and Dowoon shared (Yes, we should celebrate as Dowoon has lines!!!). I find the lyrics to be very interesting. They sing about opposites happening (hot and cold; getting closer but disappearing from sight; up and down; sun and moon etc.). It is as if them and their partner cannot seem to be on the same page for this relationship to work (but it isn’t at that broken stage yet). Very nice song, overall. (9/10)

2. Zombie (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Zombie. (9/10)

3. Tick Tock Tick Tock approaches ballad territory, but it never really sets foot into that area. Instead, it has this upbeat-ness to it that really holds it back from being a ballad. This slow style isn’t usually my style, but there is something quite captivating in this song. It might be their mature sound, which compliments and adds onto the mature vibes we got from Zombie. The way Young K brings his raspy tone to the song at the very start was extremely impressive and impactful. The instrumental for this song has this really mellow yet heavy feel to it, which I think is very nice. It invokes that swaying effect, which I really enjoy when it comes to ballads (and hence why I feel it approaches that area of music). I also like the synthesizer keyboard that is used in the song, bringing that synth that I just cannot find the right words to describe. But it really makes the song sound unique and charismatic. The lyrics are quite depressing, referencing the moment they notice that their relationship is over. (8/10)

4. Love Me or Leave Me – Out of all the side-tracks on the album, Love Me or Leave Me is probably the one that jumped out at me. It has become my pick for best song (other than the title track) on the album. It starts off slow and it remains in a slow rock mode for about halfway into the first verse. The song then sudden ticks to a much faster tempo for the pre-chorus, with the synth keyboard being the most prevalent sound in this section. It then increases in tempo once again for the chorus, going for a relentless and loaded rock sound. It may sound messy, but DAY6 (given their past work) makes it into a cohesive track that really sticks. This sudden yet accumulating energy really helps push the song forward. The melodies really helped make their vocals shine, especially the post-chorus hook, which featured on the most intense moment of the instrumental. As per the discussion on lyrics thus far, DAY6 asks their lover to honestly decide whether to stay or to leave in their relationship. (10/10)

5. STOP (때려쳐) – DAY6 amps up the rock sound to ensure its influence starts at the very first second on the album. It is a sign that they are not messing around. Like how they are in the lyrics of the song, where they had enough with the lies and inconsistent excuses their partner is telling them. The song is quite good with decent vocals, memorable melodies and a standout chorus (i.e. when they all shout ‘Stop This’ and ‘There Is No Answer’). I really like the harmonies that follows those lines, along with the harmonies present in the bridge of the song. I also really like the electric guitar riffs that acted like accents or details within the instrumental. But while I do give a tick of approval for this song, I was hoping that STOP would build on itself and kick it up a notch as it developed. Unfortunately, it didn’t. So, I am slightly disappointed on that part. (8/10)

6. 1 to 10 – It seems like my wishes are answered in 1 to 10. As above, I wanted the preceding song to step it up. And it definitely feels like 1 to 10 does just that. In addition to that, it seems to take a page from their brighter songs on the album, allowing the song to become memorable in all regards. The guitar riffs and drum beats that make up the song’s instrumental are quite cohesive and consistent throughout the song. There is also a tense vibe to the song, which makes it thrill to listen to. In addition to the instrumental, the vocals are very on point. And that, in combination with the catchy melodies that the song features, makes DAY6 bring their A-game without the use of powerhouse vocals. Another perfect song, in my opinion. As for the lyrics, they change their tune by moving away from heartbreak to declaring their love for their partner. (10/10)

7. Afraid – The album ends on a much more emotional note than in comparison to any of the above songs, with Afraid being about the members becoming worried that their partner is becoming like them due their insecurities. The contrast with the rest of the album is quite strong for obvious reasons and this just draws your attention right into Afraid. Their vocal tone is what gives the song that emotional tinge and I felt that each member also brought their A-game this song, just in a completely different sound as the preceding song. The instrumental for Afraid brings together beautiful acoustic guitars and piano melodies, along with intense electric guitar riffs and drums. I thoroughly enjoyed how the song builds on itself, climaxing during the start of the bridge. The bridge is also my pick for the best part of the song, bringing a bit of trendy touch to the song. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.1/10

The Book of Us: The Demon Teaser Image

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