[Review] More & More – TWICE

TWICE has the honour of kicking June 2020 off with their new release, MORE & MORE, which is the name for both their new title track and mini-album. We last saw the group in Korea for their Feel Special comeback in October last year. Since then, the group has been busy with the Japanese leg of their world tour (thought his was later affected by the current worldwide health pandemic) and have released a documentary series on YouTube, titled Twice: Seize the Light. This comeback also features the return of Mina, who returned to group performances earlier in the year, after being on hiatus to focus on her mental health.

MORE & MORE starts off a sleek dance track, featuring smooth vocals from the members. As the verse progresses, we get more of a beat becoming infused into the song, allowing members who don’t have as smooth vocals to get their moment to shine. The song that progresses to its catchiest hook, in my opinion. The pre-chorus features the ‘…more more more and more‘ repetition hook, which I find to be very strong and melodic. We glide through this section in a manner that bridges the verse and chorus together is a very pleasant manner. Then, we are hit with the tropical house-based chorus. Yes, the overused genre is making its comeback. But as 2020 isn’t overly saturated into the genre just yet, the robust chorus for MORE & MORE comes off as refreshing and robust. I also like their one liners during the chorus. I am, however, not impressed with the main hook of the song, the shouty ‘More & More‘. I wished they incorporated a more melodic approach with his hook as this would have made the song a lot stronger. Instead, it feels rather half done in my opinion. The second verse and chorus is essentially the same as the first routine. The bridge is the most cliche but dynamic part of the song, as they enter a trap-based breakdown and the rapping section of the song. Not bad for the song, but I felt the rapping to very mild. I would have liked them to adopt something that would have continued to change the song, before returning to the final chorus. Overall, it isn’t the perfect track according to my ears. And while I am unsure about their step into this trendy direction, I quite liked the song from the get-go.

I might be reading into the music video incorrectly, but I think they adopted a Garden of Eden type of concept, based on the featuring of snakes and apples (i.e. the Forbidden Fruit) in the video. It is interesting concept and it compliments the lyrics of the song in a way, as the members singing about wanting ‘MORE & MORE‘ from their relationship. I really liked the sets for this video. It is very colourful but also very mystic in a way. This can be greatly attributed to the post production editing and the use of green screen. I like their use of green screen in this video and it is JYP Entertainment’s best use of that technology. The parts of the video that corresponds to first pre-chorus and the rap sequence of the song had were fantastic and hypnotic use of the green screen, adding a dynamism to the video. The only thing I dislike with the video is the Bohemian look that opted for. While it is reflects well with the ‘nature’ side of the concept and that many people enjoy the style, I have never been a fan of it. But that is just my personal taste.

I liked what they did with the performance. There were strong moments, but I do note that they seem to have ditched the addictive and viral dance moves. And I think this is a smart move overall. Strong moments include the trap based dance break and the entire pre-chorus routine. I actually also really like final part of the chorus, when the few deep beats come into play.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

4 thoughts on “[Review] More & More – TWICE

  1. More..More..More.. that part really similar Fifth Harmony’ song… Work From Home’s chorus part. Sorry.. I feel like this.


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