[Weekly Chart] 5th Week of July 2020

It is time for the Weekly Chart post for the past week. But before I report which song and artist topped the charts for the past week, I just want to say those computer issues I have been having over the last few moments have been resolved, which means I can hopefully publish more reviews. Talking about more reviews, I have a few more to publish over the coming days, so keep an eye out for them! And this time they are ready to go or just need a proof read. But now, on with the charts!

Based on the image at the top of this page, you can probably already tell that Kang Daniel is in the top spot for this past week with his pre-release single, Waves, featuring Jamie and Simon Dominic. You will find APRIL following in the second position with Now or Never. GreatGuys’s Run is the only release already on the charts to enter the Top 5, with it placing in the third position this week. ATEEZ’s Inception and Song Ji Eun’s solo comeback single Make It Love (MIL) rounds out the Top 5 of this week. For more of the charts, scroll down below.


  28th Jul – 3rd Aug 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Waves Kang Daniel ft. Jamie & Simon Dominic (new)
2 Now or Never APRIL (new)
3 Run GreatGuys (▲ 4)
5 Make It Love (MIL) Song Ji Eun (new)
6 Away Jeong Eunji (APINK) (▲ 10)
7 Say Yes Jeong Sewoon (▲ 4)
8 Gotta Go Soyou (new)
9 Apple Gfriend (▼ 7)
10 Lonely Night Yoon Du Jun (HIGHLIGHT) (new)
11 Butterfly WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (new)
12 God’s Menu Stray Kids (▲ 3)
13 My My SEVENTEEEN (▲ 18)
14 Left & Right SEVENTEEEN (▼ 8)
15 ONE (Lucid Dream) Golden Child (▲ 6)
16 Count 1, 2 TOO (▼ 13)
17 Naughty Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi (▼ 16)
18 What You Waiting For? Jeon Somi (▼ 9)
19 Paradise Eric Nam (new)
20 MORE & MORE TWICE (▲ 25)
21 1 Billion Views EXO-SC (▲ 25)
22 R.o.S.E Blue Dream Catcher (▼ 9)
23 Summer Breeze SF9 (▼ 19)
24 Bad Guy 1THE9 (▲ 9)
25 pporapippam  Sunmi (▲ 5)
26 Easy Stray Kids (▼ 8)
27 Love Me Harder WOODZ (▼ 22)
28 The Answer AB6IX (▼ 11)
29 HOLO Lee Hi (▼ 19)
30 Thunder VERIVERY (▼ 11)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Puma – TXT
  • Mayday – VICTON
  • Relay – With Woolim
  • Starry Night – Momoland [Leaving Charts Early]
  • Greedy – JeA (Brown Eyed Girls) ft. Moonbyul (Mamamoo) [Leaving Charts Early]

Thank you once again and I will see you in the next upcoming post!

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