[Album Review] 24 Part 1 (1st Studio Album) – Jeong Sewoon

Today’s album review is brought to you by Jeong Sewoon!!! A month ago in mid-July, Jeong Sewoon brought to us the first half of his first studio length album, 24. It features the title track Say Yes, which Jeong Sewoon has finished promoting, as far as I can tell. I have to start of by expressing how disappointed I feel that this album did not get much attention or fanfare. My initial listen to this album was one month ago (which is also when I decided that an album review for this particular album will be written up) and I have been left captivated since then! Even as writing this album review, I am still stunned and shocked at this album’s quality. To the point where I gave every song a rating higher than 9/10. I think that is a first and truly represents what I would call a ‘good darn album’. Well, have a listen to this ‘good darn album’ and see for yourself.

24 Part 1 Album Cover

1. Say Yes (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Say Yes. (9/10)

2. Don’t Know – Sometimes it is hard to articulate thoughts into words. for these album reviews. I find this to be the equivalent to being speechless. And depending on the situation, it can be either a good or bad thing. In Don’t Know’s case, me being speechless is definitely a compliment. I had to backspace my way through multiple sentences as I had no idea where to begin the review for this song. You have an amazing instrumental kicking the song off. All of the acoustic guitars, the drums, the electric guitar riffs and the tiny bits of saxophone that we get in the chorus makes this instrumental quite dynamic in its own way. Paired with Jeong Sewoon’s powerful vocals and beautiful melodies that make you sway along to the song, Don’t Know ends up being a standout soft pop rock ballad that steals my attention. (10/10)

3. HorizonHorizon is a very smooth yet chill track that is very easy on the ears. The song highlights the velvety nature of the soloist’s voice, which just makes this song so captivating to listen to. The pairing of Jeong Sewoon’s with the backing vocals helps create a smooth tone that glides the song forward so effortlessly. As a result, the song’s atmosphere is just perfect for when you just need to escape from reality for just a brief, almost-three-minute period. I also liked the echoey effect that comes off his voice. It just makes the song feel more wholesome and aesthetic. (10/10)

4. Beeeee – We re-enter that upbeat territory that has been absent in the last two songs. Beeeee just has a feel-good vibe that just rubs off on you through the upbeat and slightly funky pop instrumental. In a sense, it is rather straightforward (yes, this is the best critical statement I can give this song). But it is still amazing, nonetheless. Great vocals, once again. Great beat. And great energy. (9.5/10)

5. O (동그라미)O is a bluesy track with a nice acoustic guitar-based instrumental. It really like how the chorus ends with the harsh acoustic guitar strumming. It is a little different than what we usually get and I liked this uniqueness. Towards the end, electric guitars come into play. There is a whole solo devoted to its presence and I quite like that as well. As for his vocals, we have seen this side of Jeong Sewoon in the past, so there isn’t anything new on this front. Though, I do like this vocal route on this album. The inclusion of this song on the album does help fulfil a full rounded experience of Jeong Sewoon’s vocals, as the change of pace enables the spotlight to highlight a different side of Jeong Sewoon on this particular album. (9/10)

6. Hidden Star (새벽별) – The final song on the album covers the mandatory ballad that is featured on every single KPOP album. Hidden Star also continues the slow pace from the previous track and hence we are treated to a duo of songs to ease us off the first half of the album. The ballad is simply made up of two elements. The first being Jeong Sewoon’s vocals, which is amazing in this song. The second is a really beautiful standalone piano piece. I can see myself drifting to sleep with this song, knowing that I will have good dreams thanks to the riveting and stunning nature of Hidden Star. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.4/10

24 Part 1 Teaser Image

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