[Review] Ice Cream – BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez

Apologies for the delayed review.

In my previous review for BLACKPINK’s earlier release this year (How You Like That), I mentioned that we would need to see the actual release of their studio album in September, given YG Entertainment’s past inability to deliver on their promise for releases associated with the group. That statement still stands, though it still looks hopefully given that we have their second single of the year, Ice Cream, as promised by their company. However, the album release has been pushed back to the start of October. But fingers crossed that 2020 will be the year that BLACKPINK finally gets their album.

In the meanwhile, let’s review their latest release, Ice Cream. The track is mainly English, but there is a rap sequence that is in Korean. Hence, I am categorising it as a Korean release and not an ‘International Song Release’. I personally don’t mind this song overall, but there are some parts that I am iffy about. Let’s start on the positives. Ice Cream joins a growing list of high profile names performing alongside high profile KPOP artists, with Selena Gomez singing alongside BLACKPINK in this song. And I feel like Ice Cream is predominately English to accommodate Selena’s featuring. I would have enjoyed the song more if it wasn’t torn between the two languages and that the rapping sequence at the bridge was in English, given that Lisa was already rapping in English earlier in the track. I liked the simple melody of the chorus, which helped make the song quite catchy and addictive for me. I might even catch myself humming along to the melody of this song in the coming weeks. The pairing of BLACKPINK and Selena was enjoyable, which I found to be surprising outcome given that I wasn’t sure how this collaboration would go. The instrumental, while typical by today’s KPOP standards due to the use of the trap elements, is quite vibrant and playful. So far, everything seems to exude youth and I quite like less intense side of the group. Now onto what I am exactly not too sure about. The biggest issue for me is Lisa’s raps. They seem a little too crude sounding for a song like this. I felt that if they toned it down, stepped back from the whole hip-hop breakdown that was going on and inserted some of that playful tones that we got in the chorus, it would have been more fitting and sensible. And the ‘Ice Cream‘ at the end just felt unnecessarily drawn out. It should have been short and sweet. But overall, Ice Cream is a refreshing and cooling treat for the fans.

I know that given the current circumstances of the world right now, YG Entertainment couldn’t bring Selena Gomez to Korea (or BLACKPINK to the U.S.) for the filming of the music video. I really would like to see what the music video would have been like if the collaboration were together as a group. That would have been epic. Aside from that wish, the music video did a good job of fusing the two halves of the video (with one half shot in the U.S. and the other half shot in Korea) to make it one whole video. I do note that Selena’s scenes were a lot better, in comparison to the sets that BLACKPINK shot in. They just looked a lot more interesting and captivating. Fashion-wise, I think I could say the same thing. Additionally, I do like how those youthful and playful charms were portrayed and were not over-complicated with a whole heap of cutesy scenes, which seems like the default in Korea.

We haven’t got much of the choreography, though it is amazing to see a lot of dance covers on YouTube for this release. It definitely shows BLACKPINK’s influence and how great this song is! I will return to this review if we are gifted with a performance or dance practice. I will also update that other review I promised to return to review the choreography, but I still haven’t yet.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – To Return (if there is a performance/dance practice)
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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