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By far, KARD is one of the few artists that have been quite consistent with their music releases. Somehow their work always seems to come of as quite fresh and unique. This may be attributed to their co-ed formation, which enables the group to capitalise on dynamics that traditional male or female groups would be unable to. And while this has proven to be quite successful on the international front, the group hasn’t really made much of an impact on the domestic front, for the exact same reason. It seems that GUNSHOT, their latest title track from the single album, Way With Words, seems to be their last shot as a quartet for the next two years, as J.Seph’s impending military enlistment looms.

GUNSHOT sounded a little odd to me, at first. And that is simply because it is a lighter release, in comparison to their heavier songs we have heard from the group previously, such as Dumb Litty, Bomb Bomb and Red Moon (their most recent release prior to this comeback). But after multiple listens over the last few days, that feeling of oddness has disappeared and I am left with a satisfied afterglow with GUNSHOT. Aside from lighter nature of the song, there are a few other differences with this song. compared to their last few releases (mentioned above). GUNSHOT is a vocally-centric track, stepping back from their intense EDM dance sounds and their rap-dominant tracks. As a result, the focus for this group is on the female members (the vocalists of the group), with the male members not receiving as much limelight this time around. I quite like this change up, as we get to hear KARD from a different perspective this time around. And additionally, the song comes off a lot more melodic, which I find suitable for the song’s message of ‘using words as bullets’. I did wish J.seph and BM’s parts had just a bit more intensity to them, just to make their sections more memorable. The instrumental still is in the realm of EDM, but it isn’t as profound. Somehow it still manages to come off as intense and powerful, which might be due to the combination of everything else. The one thing I just for are bolder gunshots to really make GUNSHOT‘s chorus more captivating and jaw-dropping. What we got suffices, but the gunshots seemed masked by the rest of the instrumentals.

For the first time ever, we have an official theory for the music video! KARD sat down to explain the video and you can watch it here. Truthfully, I am still a little confused but this is what I got out of the explanation. Essentially, there are two worlds in the video. The first world, where everyone is wounded and surrounded by cameras, is a world where everyone follows the rules. The second world is where the members are criminals. The actions of the second world hurt the members in the first world, where both worlds are connected by cameras. This is an elaborate way of saying the actions of one person on one side of the world affects a person on the other side of the world, through the power of social media. The comments a person make can potentially be harmful and hurt another. A very interesting take on this scenario. At the end of the video we see the both Jiwoo from the first and second world the same scene. First world Jiwoo takes a paper gun and shoots the second world Jiwoo. KARD’s video explains it in two manners. The first is karma. What you do will always come back to yourself. The second explanation is that scene is in the first world Jiwoo’s imagination, as it is unlikely for the both of the Jiwoo’s to come into contact and that we can’t really do much in reality. It is definitely an interesting video and one worth deciphering, as I actually had a different theory in mind. Aside from the plot, what I like the most about this video are the members’ acting, especially in their psycho mode.

The choreography looked really cool. I really like the gun action they keep on pulling when they sing the title of the song. I also really enjoyed how powerful the dance moves were, making it captivating to watch. All the members did wonderful with their routine, though I can’t help but be drawn to J.Seph throughout the performances.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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