[Review] Where The Sea Sleeps – Even of Day (DAY6)

DAY6 started 2020 with the release of the mini-album The Book of Us: The Demon and the title track Zombie. However the promotions for the album and title track were halted even before the official release of the mini-album and title track due to the health of two of the members. While the two members (Sungjin and Jae) continue their recovery, the remaining members (Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon) have come together to form DAY6’s first subunit, Even of Day. The subunit makes their debut today with Where The Sea Sleeps and the mini-album The Book of Us: Gluon.

Where The Sea Sleeps brings the band back into the ballad realm. We have heard multiple ballads from the band (as a whole) before via their Every Day6 Project. That was three years ago. And while we have heard ballads as a side track from the group, a main promotional ballad is definitely a nice change. Where The Sea Sleeps is a very touching ballad. Interestingly, the emotional content in this song isn’t as much as I had expected. But yet, the vocals are quite delicate and there is still a bit of that emotional tinge to their voice that makes the lyrics more impactful. Wonpil and Young K takes the helms for the vocals and flawlessly sing their way through this ballad. I found their vocals to be very soothing, calming and captivating to listen to. The best past has to be their harmonising high note at the start of the final chorus was amazing to listen to, though Wonpil’s vocals at the very end of the song is a very close second. Oh, if you are wondering, the lyrics is all about reassuring their lover or friend that regardless of what the day holds, they will always be by each other’s side. The instrumental is slow, but it ticks the box as that swaying effect measure that I mention often is present in Where The Sea Sleeps. I liked the heaviness that the drums bring to the song, giving Dowoon a chance to shine in a genre in which drummers rarely get the opportunity to stand out. The start of the bridge was an interesting moment, where they seem to bring in synthesised drums (?), which is what sets this unit apart from their usual works under the name of DAY6.

I had expected we would be getting some acting from the trio. But surprisingly, we have presented with an animation which complimented the song’s lyrics and atmosphere very nicely. Each of the animals in the music video represents a member. The dog is Dowoon, the rabbit is Wonpil and the fox is Young K. They build a rocket ship and blast themselves into space. However, they run into some asteroids and their spaceship blows up, causing each the members to drop to the ground. Eagle eyed fans note that Sungjin (the bear) and Jae (the chicken) makes an appearance in the video during this part, with Dowoon holding the missing members very tightly during the turmoil. We then see Wonpil sinking in the ocean and he imagines himself drifting away on a boat, with the rest of the members (Jae and Sungjin included). Young K and Dowoon wakes him up and using a compass with the MyDay’s logo (their fandom’s logo), they make it ashore. This last part was based on comments that I read, adding a nice message to include their fans in the video (that with MyDay, DAY6 cannot be lost).

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.6/10

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