[Review] Right Through Me – Even of Day (DAY6)

I am really bad with reviewing nowadays. As a result, I have decided to refocus on reviews tomorrow instead of my original plans to focus on rookies tomorrow (as well as on the weekend). Hopefully, with this extra day on hand, I can catch up on some of the releases this week. The next release of this week’s reviewing agenda is Right Through Me, the title track from Even of Day’s (DAY6’s subunit consisting of Young.K, Wonpil and Dowoon) second mini-album, which dropped on Monday this week. This release follows the subunit’s debut with Where The Sea Sleeps, which formed part of DAY6’s The Book of Us series. The five member band also recently wrapped up the series with The Book of Us: Negentropy and the title track You Make Me, which was not promoted.

Right Through Me is a pretty decent song. It took me a few listens to actually get into it, but it got to me in the end. At first, I passed over the song because it felt dull and lacked much momentum. Boy, do I feel so bad for thanking that way. After those extra listens, I felt that Right Through Me had that necessary colour and drive. It might not be as prolific as DAY6’s releases, especially compared to their most recent title track. But there was enough there to convince me otherwise (in the end). I will admit that the first verse is a bit lacking and felt very consistent (from the beat to the vocals, to even the whole vibe of the first verse), and it wasn’t until the chorus did the song feel like it was going somewhere (bless those cymbals). In combination with those cymbals, Young.K and Wonpil’s vocals gave the chorus and song a breath of freshness and life that didn’t feel as present in the first verse. This instantly made the second verse, which was largely the same as the first verse, sound and feel more lively. I also liked when the piano came into play in the post-chorus sequence to the first and last choruses, which gave Right Through Me a jazzy vibe. It was an interesting colour and helped create a more lively appeal. And it was this inclusion that caught my attention and changed my perspective of the song. As touched on before, the vocalists did a good job with their lines and the melodies in Right Through Me were quite pleasant. In summary, I wished the song had more of an appeal during the first verse to hook me right on. But Right Through Me still managed to develop into a neat song, provided that you give it a chance and listen to more than the first verse.

Right Through Me is a song about heartbreak, after you lose the love of your life. Young.K’s loss in this video represents this type of loss. We see his partner turn up, leave her ring behind and leaves him. All he can do is stare and when the ring is later lost, he fails to find it. The scratch represents the pain felt from this type of loss – the literal heartbreak. But it doesn’t have to be applied to just relationship. And we see this in the other two members’ scenes. Wonpil represents the loss of family. At the start of the video, we see a family picture with the faces ripped out. We see Wonpil struggle being alone and he rips up his home as a result of this. When he picks up the cage at the end, I think he is reminded of happy memories and hence sheds a tear. I am not exactly sure what the ceiling collapsing mean, but it might be the further destruction of his home. For Dowoon’s scene, he experiences the loss of self. This one was not apparent to me, but upon searching in the comments of the music video, ‘Vincent Van Gogh’ says that because Dowoon’s animal is a dog from previous promotions, Dowoon losing the dog represents the loss of self. Dowoon desperately searches for his pet, but fails. And this results in him looking dejected and soulless. To tie everything together, I think all of this loss has something to do with their music career. We see them perform in that shop window, with pedestrians stopping by to watch and film the performance. But there is something wrong with the Even of Day members as they looked lifeless and monotone. So I think their experiences in becoming musicians were brought into the plotline of the story. The loss of relationships while you are struggling financially is my guess how YoungK’s scene’s link to the video. The lack of family support for a career in the arts is represented by Wonpil’s scene. And the loss of individuality and sense of freedom is represented by Dowoon. Each of which they want to break out of, as you can see at the end when YoungK jumps out of the window.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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