[Review] Tiger Inside – SuperM

SuperM, the KPOP equivalent of the Avengers, was initially formed to be a project group for the Western music industry. Though, I am now confused about which audience this ‘super KPOP boy band’ is targeting. Two of their of main tracks under their belt so far, Jopping (their debut track) and 100 (the pre-release track the group just released a few weeks ago), are both predominately English. But as of yesterday, the group returned with another new pre-release single that is predominately in Korean, Tiger Inside, ahead of the release of the group’s upcoming 1st studio album, Super One (due for release at the end of September). Maybe this is a once-off Korean track from the group, or maybe their company has created new plans for this hugely popular group.

Regardless of whether the song is in Korean or English, I would still have reviewed it in some capacity, given its roots are well-embedded in KPOP. Tiger Inside also seems to have its roots well-embedded in SM Entertainment, as the song does feel like a EXO-NCT mashup. It has that experimental vibe that we get with NCT releases, but also a consistent manner like what we hear in EXO’s earlier releases. Tiger Inside is also more melodically driven, as it distances itself from the heavy use of EDM in their past tracks. The instrumental did end up stepping into a more typical dance territory, but still had a 2020-trendy, edgy and textural momentum that made it worth listening to. I found that to be an interesting elemental change up to their style and quite appreciate this, given that I found 100 to be a bit loaded, overwhelming and messy as I listened to more of it. I am glad that they didn’t overuse the growling in the background, which easily could have turned this song from powerful into cheesy if it was used too often. Moving to the members, great vocals and rapping, once again. Mark and Baekhyun really shined in this song, as per the past. This time around, Taeyong also pops in this song with his own sections. On the contrary, the hooks we get in Tiger Inside just did not pop and felt relatively weak. If they had stronger hooks, Tiger Inside could have been more memorable.

I felt the music video just didn’t contribute to the overall meaning of the song or comeback. The sets looked pretty random. For example, that entire white set with icicles coming from the top and bottom of the set didn’t make much sense to me. The other sets have tiger patterns and the classical orange and black combination, but these were pretty weak connections. Other than that, the members played the edgy part of tigers throughout their closeups by clawing and those intense closeups. That I quite enjoyed.

Based on what I could see in the music video, the choreography actually looks quite good. The start of the choreography (and music video) reminded me of EXO’s Wolf. There also seems to be some clawing in the performance that keeps it in-line with the supposed ‘tiger’ concept. But what I liked the best with the choreography was how powerful it looked, with and without the song in the background.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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