[Review] La Di Da – EVERGLOW

After their amazing and catchy DUN DUN comeback earlier this year, EVERGLOW is finally back with their latest single, La Di Da. The new single is featured on the group’s second mini-album, -77.82X-78.29.

EVERGLOW has once again managed to exceed the expectations that they had set themselves through their previous comebacks. La Di Da is exciting thanks for the upbeat energy that it packs through its 80s retro electropop instrumentation. It is also rather unique. There are a few KPOP songs that have preceded La Di Da in this genre, however none of them have managed to exude as much appeal by going hard as La Di Da has. Even when it came to the rapping in the verses, EVERGLOW manages to wow us with trap sequences that fit in with the retro vibes that the song is built upon, but also remaining fresh and unique at the same time. The vocal work and rapping are superb. There is so much power that comes from these two elements that brings it up to par as their other powerful tracks, but is refreshing given the retro twist. I also love the short instrumental break we get right after the second verse. The only issue I have with the song is that their vocals and instrumentation during the peak of the chorus seems a little blurred. But this doesn’t compromises the hooks and catchiness of La Di Da in any way, so it literally be can be glossed over. Definitely give La Di Da is a listen. I doubt you will be disappointed.

Once again, the music video takes on a choreography and closeup formula. But it manages to captivate nonetheless. I applaud the director for managing to capture really good visuals of the members, but also managing to capture the best angles of the choreography as well. I love how the shots were clean and didn’t employ any of those shaky effects that a lot of music videos are incorporating in their music video in hopes to replicate an edgy vibe. This song could have enable this, but I am glad it didn’t go down this route. Instead, the music video adds that edgy flair using the sets and their outfit, which were really well executed.

La Di Da emphasise what EVERGLOW does best. A powerful choreography. As weird as it might sound, I enjoyed the use of their arms throughout the performance. It adds a visually appealing complexity that makes it worthwhile to watch. I also like that while the group is powerful, they can still be sexy with no compromises. I also find Yiren’s ‘La Di Da’ just before the final chorus so memorable and can simply be classed as a ‘killer part’.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

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