[Review] Hmph! – WJSN CHOCOME

I somehow missed the announcement that WJSN would be making a comeback as a quartet subunit and the subsequent releases of the teaser images for this following unit debut, so their comeback pretty much came out of the blue. I only caught on once I saw the first music video teaser over the weekend. But nonetheless, I am glad to see WJSN back, even though it is just Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum, and Dayoung. The unit is named WJSN CHOCOME and their debut single is titled Hmph!.

As soon as I heard the Hmph! today, the disco pop that is heavily featured in Hmph! reminded me of Orange Caramel’s infectious singles. And I am loving it. It has been a while since we had an Orange Caramel comeback (their last release was in 2014 with My Copycat and I personally doubt that the unit will ever return with both Rania and Lizzy now signed to different companies), so this release definitely tickles my fancy – one could say!. Hmph! has a similar infectious appeal and the song is definitely quite addictive. The verses had a healthy amount of autotune to their voices. Usually I am against the use of autotune and have only liked it certain cases. Humph! seems to be one of those ‘certain cases’ as each of the four members actually sound quite nice throughout the song and it was (mostly) unnoticeable. The chorus brings the cutesy repetition of the title at the start, before the saxophones are brought into play, bringing more of that Orange Caramel appeal to the song. By far the best part of the song, in my point of view. I will be completely honest that the bridge did dull out the song for me, as I think they could have continued the song’s momentum with a more dynamic touch for the bridge. But I am glad that we ended up returning to the catchy chorus once again before Hmph! concluded, repumping the energy and infectious appeal back one last time.

The opening of Secret (one of their best songs ever!) started off the music video for Hmph!, so the video intrigued me from the very start. The music video can be described as a blast of colour. This isn’t an issue, as that is expected with a cutesy sound like this. And boy, WJSN CHOCOME doesn’t mess around with this cutesy concept. It is as if they have been holding back whilst promoting as WJSN! It felt natural to these members, unlike some other cutesy concepts where the members are just horrible at acting cute or overly exaggerating to the point where it just becomes cringy. To be critical, I would like to have them tone down the outrageousness. For example, I would not recommend waking anyone up with three trumpets and an iron. That blow up the person’s ear drums and give them significant burns.

For the choreography, I thought the cutesy twist on the Hmph! was really nice. The entire chorus routine seems fun. There isn’t much else from what I saw in the music video. But basing on what I saw, I think the performance would be suitable and fitting for the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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