[Review] Easy – WJSN The Black

Early last month (more so 31st of March but I am rounding up), WJSN made their return to the stage with Unnatural (the name of both the title track and mini-album) as a full group. I have previously reviewed the title track and will be publishing the album review for Unnatural this weekend. But just a month after wrapping up promotions for Unnatural, WJSN has returned in the form of a second four member unit, named WJSN The Black. This unit is made up of Seola, Exy, Bona and Eunseo, and made their unit debut with the title track Easy. As mentioned, this is WJSN’s second unit, following the likes of another four member subunit WJSN Chocome, which debuted last with Hmph!.

With the teasers that floated around in the weeks before this debut, you could tell that WJSN The Black will be giving us WJSN’s most mature release to date. In retrospect now, Unnatural held that title for a very brief period of time, with the release of Easy taking over. It is easily a more concentrated form of Unnatural, but with added chic and sleek to separate it from the older song. And I quite like this aspect, as it made the instrumental alluring and almost hypnotic. It is also quite fascinating to hear a groovy side to the song. Mature and groovy isn’t a rarity in music or KPOP. But it has been a while since we heard something from the top of my head of this nature. And it also nice to hear something that taps into the ongoing re-emerging trend in KPOP that is somewhat unconventional. Adding to that alluring and hypnotic effect of the song are the member’s vocals, which are best described as blissful and breathy. I really like how they keep this up throughout the entire song. Even Exy gets her moment to shine in the vocal side of the song, distancing herself from her usual hefty tone when it comes to the rapping. That being said, Exy does employ her usual rap style for the song’s rap sequence, which gave the song a much needed edge and moment of relief from the really consistent vocal work throughout the song. So far, all praises. But the song does suffer in the length department. Easy is a standard length song, if we were to say a standard length song is (average) 3:30 seconds in KPOP. But the way the song flows and is stringed together, Easy feels more like a minute long to me. Every part is so close to one another and the consistent vocals don’t really give us an opportunity to differentiate each distinct part, which are the reasons why I am not entirely head over heels for Easy. But without consideration of that flaw, Easy was still a smooth listen.

One of the unit’s lineup (Exy and Bona) is being investigated by the investigators (Seola and Eunseo) for a recent robbery of $3 billion. Unsure why the member’s had to steal that money during a heist of a heavily protected exhibition at a National Museum (seems like an unnecessary hurdle in their pursuit for some cash), but for the sake of the story I will assume the money is tied up in the museum and they had to be on location to get into the system. But the investigation isn’t getting far. Well, it turns out that Exy and Bona are a team with Seola and Eunseo, who on the inside are destroying evidence and leaving fake tips to look like the investigation is hitting dead ends. It was a plot twist that I saw coming, but I still thought it was a good plot line in this video. Aside from that, I would have liked a bit more to the choreography sets to help give the video a little more excitement. But it was still a good watch overall.

I like how the choreography takes advantage of the melodies during the chorus and hence taps into a sensual profile. It compliments the mature side of the four members that the song brings out. On top of that, I really like the outfits they wore for this release. I always find suits to be a visual overload and WJSN The Black proves just why that is the case with their performance while they are wearing suits.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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