[Album Review] THE ALBUM (1st Studio Album) – BLACKPINK

Given the long awaited wait for BLACKPINK’s first studio album and its success so far, I decided to fast track the album review for THE ALBUM. Otherwise, I think we are looking at a end of October or possibly even November publish date for the album review! THE ALBUM features of BLACKPINK’s 2020 releases including How You Like That and Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez). It also features the current track that the quartet is promoting, Lovesick Girls, as the title track. In addition to these three songs, THE ALBUM five side-tracks, all of which will be reviewed below. But before we proceed with this album review, can I take a moment to comment on the really plain and boring name of the album? Anything other than THE ALBUM would have been more exciting and appealing. Mini rant over. On with the reviews!

THE ALBUM album cover

1. How You Like That (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for How You Like That. (5/10)

2. Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) (Title Track) Click here to read the full review of Ice Cream. (9/10)

3. Pretty Savage Pretty Savage is a pretty bland song. I feel like this is will be an unpopular opinion as I know many people enjoyed Pretty Savage. The song just underwhelmed. With a title like Pretty Savage, I would have expected something a little more hard-hitting and impactful energy. Instead, we got something that felt like hip-hop in neutral gear and the energy that the song started off with dwindled down as the song progresses along. Aside from the song’s roots in hip-hop, which the song nails perfectly (and hence I found that the song had a lot of potential – if only the producers ended up going with a little more impression rather than flair), there isn’t much to the song. None of the member’s lines or the chorus was memorable. Overall, a skippable track. (6/10)

4. Bet You Wanna (ft. Cardi B) – Like Pretty Savage, Bet You Wanna underwhelms once again. Unlike Pretty Savage, however, this song is much better that in comparison to the former track. The energy in this song doesn’t dwindle. Rather, it stays pretty much consistent throughout (more on this in a bit). The song’s lyrics and chorus could potentially become catchy and memorable if I am willing to continually press replay. The harmonies were pretty strong. However, I am not too inclined to replay the song because of the consistent energy. It felt repetitive by the time we got to the end of the song and it felt like the members were stuck, preventing the song to cultivate to anything climatic. And as much I am enjoying many of these international collaborations, Cardi B’s featuring in Bet You Wanna doesn’t amount to much. (7/10)

5. Lovesick Girls (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for Lovesick Girls. (9/10)

6. Crazy Over You – I personally felt that Crazy Over You would have better placed before Lovesick Girls. To me, Crazy Over You lies on the halfway point of just right (i.e. Lovesick Girls) and underwhelming (i.e. Bet You Wanna). The instrumental is definitely livelier and energetic thanks to the use of sound effects such as the squeaky scratching. The deep thumping and flute in the instrumental also add to the aesthetic of the song. When it came to the chorus, I expected a beat with a little more heft and energy. Something like what the end of Crazy Over You ended up becoming. As for the members, they all sounded good, though still on the underwhelming side of that spectrum. (7.5/10)

7. Love To Hate MeLove To Hate Me has a very beautiful instrumental. I found the start of the song to have this subtle intensity and the synths created a pulsing sensation which I totally found captivating. The bridge featured a bit of piano. Different to the rest of the song, but it works extremely well. I enjoyed the pre-chorus buildup, leading us to expect an epic drop for the chorus of the song. But Love To Hate Me’s producers throw us a curveball and pushes for an unexpecting and stripped minimalist beat that really made Lisa’s lines more impactful. It was only a brief turn though, before the song returns us with something a little more ‘pop traditional’ and a bit more melodically catchy to further drive the song into us. The members don’t really flourish in this song, but they do sound great! Definitely one of the better side tracks on this album. (9/10)

8. You Never KnowYou Never Know is a pop ballad that I thought did a pretty good job of showing off the members’ vocal. I also sense a bit of emotion to their voices in this song, which is always a good sign in the ballad world. The song was pretty easy to follow, with simple melodies being one of the driving forces in this song. I liked that the instrumental for this song was more classical (piano, strings etc.) and there has less reliance on the synths (though it was still a thing). This makes the song a little more epic and theatrical sounding, which I really enjoyed. Personally, these elements all come together to create my favourite (and what I believe to be a standout) track on this album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.8/10

Lovesick Girls / THE ALBUM Teaser Image

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