[Review] Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

It has been almost two years since we have heard BLACKPINK through a full group comeback via the promotions of Lovesick Girls and The Album. Currently, we are progressing full speed ahead towards BLACKPINK’s official comeback in a month time with their second studio length album Born Pink and a yet to be unveiled titled track. But ahead of the release of Born Pink, we find ourselves here today just about to review the pre-release for that album, Pink Venom, which dropped earlier today.

It appears that Lovesick Girls was a once event in terms of the group’s discography. BLACKPINK returns to familiar powerful territory with Pink Venom, following the same vein of their past releases such as How You Like That and Kill This Love. There isn’t anything wrong with this classic BLACKPINK sound and style. It is just quite overdone by now. Pink Venom attempts to change it up with a mixture of traditional and tribal-like instrumentation throughout the song, sans the second verse which deep dives the song into 90s hip-hop territory. I think this instrumental combo lacks that knock out of the park feel that their previous tracks have. And I am quite sure the typical formula also dulls the potential of Pink Venom. The chorus was probably the most interesting aspect, but I am of the opinion that it is disappointing. Lisa and Jennie go into this high pitch soft whisper-like motif. I feel that this detracts from the powerfulness potential of song, and weakens the integrity of Pink Venom. It is somewhat unique, but very fragile. It makes me want to handle the chorus with care, which isn’t something you would want with a BLACKPINK song that starts off powerful. The verses and pre-choruses were more appreciable and enjoyable by a long mile. There was potential between the vocals in the pre-chorus from Jisoo and Rose, to the rapping by Jennie and Lisa in the verses. The chorus just lets it down. Pink Venom ends with a ‘La Ta Ta‘ hook, which I didn’t think really gave Pink Venom that punchy ending that I had expected. There was something lacking in the background to really hone the ending in and make it all climatic. It appears that Pink Venom isn’t my cup of tea this time around. Maybe more listens would make the song more approachable, but for now, Pink Venom just doesn’t live up to their previous tracks of a similar nature.

Per usual, BLACKPINK’s music videos are top notch. And once again, Pink Venom‘s does not disappoint. Visually, this music video had it all. Vibrant colours, impactful shots and stunning looks. Best shots for each member are: Jennie’s red outfit at the start of the video. Lisa’s gangster look, Rose’s leather look and Jisoo’s Korean hanbok inspired look. The scene with Rose and the black paint was also quite epic and could potentially be interpreted as quite deep. The sets looked amazing, especially that first choreography shot with the fabric blowing about in the background. I also enjoyed the subtle black and pink colours on some of the sets.

While musically, I think the chorus is weak, the choreography might be the next big thing for the group (until next month’s release). The small movements with their hands behind their back, for example, works well with the softer and fragile delivery of the chorus, while the bigger movements work well with the slightly more aggressive parts of the chorus (i.e. the ‘woah woah woah‘). The ‘La Ta Ta Ta‘ end sequence looks cool in the performance, as well.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

8 thoughts on “[Review] Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

  1. in my opinion pink venom is a very bad song, i didnt enjoy even the pre chorus…honestly i like the blackpink formula and i dont want them to go in the lovesick girls direction, but something happened here….according to my preferences i can’t give it more than 4/10 and its by far their worst single and the only bad one they have actually….waiting for born pink now… im sure i will get a song that i can enjoy..

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  2. I actually ended up enjoying Pink Venom a lot. It clicked with me especially after I played it under good speakers. The chorus is my favorite part due to its catchiness and attitude in delivery, and I appreciate that Black Pink did something different for once that isn’t a beat drop chorus. I’m in love with the opening, and the second verse. The main disappointing thing was the finale which I feel like is the time for them to really explode. They’ve held back the whole track, it was time for them to really go all out. It ramped it up, but not enough to feel satisfying. Otherwise, I really like it.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the song. Definitely agree with your thoughts on the ending! For me, time might help make the song sound better for me. It has definitely helped in the past, so I guess I just have to wait and see.

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