[Review] Like A Movie – B1A4

It has been a while since we have heard from B1A4. Their last comeback was in 2017 with Rollin’. Since that last comeback, the group mainly focused on solo activities domestically and in mid-2018, Jinyoung and Baro both chose not to resign with WM Entertainment at the conclusion of their contract and thus left the group. With this significant lineup change and the members are at the age for military enlistment (however only CNU has enlisted), I did not expect to hear from them so soon (or at all!). However, B1A4 has managed to defy all expectations and made their official comeback as a trio with Like A Movie and Origine today.

Like A Movie is a soft pop track, intended this way to make it feel like we are watching a silent movie. The song’s music at times do remind me of that iconic silent movie soundtrack that we hear quite often in popular culture. B1A4’s return with this soft track adds to their maturity and this feels right up their alley. If you cast your mind back to their early days, B1A4’s music was very bright and bubbly. Over the years to 2017, the group has definitely matured with this sound, meaning that Like A Movie fits into their discography portfolio very nicely. Rather than being a sad emotional song, which I felt is what B1A4 has been known to side with, Like A Movie expresses hopes for a happy ending, and it is a lot more brighter and hopeful with its sound. Made up of strings and piano, it is a nice soothing piece of music that gives a slight classical appeal of a musical. There are also some synths in the instrumental to help modernise the song a bit. As for their vocals, CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan each captivates and complements the soft style of the music. And everything together comes nicely to help create melodies get you to sway along to the music, which you know I really like in ballads and soft songs like this one. Overall, it is definitely an enjoyable and pleasant listen.

As mentioned above, the music video depicts the members falling in love. And given the title and description that indicates some linkage to the film industry, we see it all play out in various movie settings. Some of these settings present storylines that provide a problem for the characters to solve so that they can be together. For CNU, his street scene depicts an action movie (I am guessing), where he has to encounter a few hurdles to get to this lover. Gongchan is in a romantic movie to two lover in a building and find a way to communicate one another (as they are separated by a single lift). Sandeul has a part in a zombie movie, with his lover coming to save him after he sacrfice himself for her. I thought it was a nice video to watch over. I see that WM Entertainment is heavily using green screens for this music video. So far, it is looking good. But hopefully it doesn’t become too much of a permanent fixture.

I wondered with such a soft pop song, how the members would be able to showcase a captivating performance. Needless to say, B1A4 delivers in this aspect. It isn’t anything overly impressive or ground-breaking. But I liked how they break away and have their solo moments with the dancers. In addition to that, I liked how the moves match the musics. The moves are a lot graceful when it come to slower and softer parts of the song, while more dramatic and energetic when it came to the heavier parts of the song. A good mix overall.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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