Unfortunately, at this stage, I only have capacity to write up 2 reviews per night. Please be patient, I will get through all the releases eventually. NCT U and LOONA reviews will be published tomorrow.

SEVENTEEN is the next group to be making their return today! After the highly successful release of Left & Right, which was featured on their million-unit seller album, Heng:garæ, the thirteen member male group has returned today with HOME;RUN (the title track) and Semicolon (the title of the special album that HOME;RUN is featured on). Tipped to be their next million-unit seller, SEVENTEEN seems to have already exceeded the bar set from their last comeback with over a million pre-orders already made prior to its release. Definitely great news for SEVENTEEN, who once again, has proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with.

HOME;RUN is a pretty exciting and fun song. It features a swing based style instrumental that is loaded with energy and retro vibes thanks to its 1920s roots. It is also a form of retro that SEVENTEEN has never done for. While I have enjoyed pretty much all SEVENTEEN releases to date, HOME;RUN‘s energy is definitely something you should not overlook or underestimate. It might not be as energetic and vibrant as AJU NICE, but it definitely up there. I really like how it just kept on going and it felt like a song that never really takes a break. It also enables SEVENTEEN a chance to show off some moves, as it contains a profound showtime influence from how I hear the song. Another aspect of the song that I liked was the instrumental. It kept true to its 1920s influenced swing form and didn’t contain any noticeable synths. I love the piano in the bridge and the brass throughout the song, particularly in the instrumental/dance break that followed the bridge (or formed part, not too sure). For the vocals and rapping, both elements were really good. I was shocked that there wasn’t more of a high note to bring HOME;RUN to a climax. I think that would have suited the song pretty well. Mingyu’s vocals in the first chorus was probably the standout moment for me, followed by the catchy melodies and hooks that the song had. Overall, a swingin’ track that really proves SEVENTEEN’s versatility and performance potential.

I really like how the video started off with where Left & Right‘s video was left (i.e. S.Coup’s car crash). Here he discovers a diamond (or a Carat – hey I see what you guys did there!) and it becomes the primary focus of the music video. It seems like each member is out to get it for themselves. It definitely creates an exciting music video to watch, which matches up with the song. I just wished it showed how each members got their hand on the diamond throughout the music video. And how the diamond ended up being locked away behind that glass panel in the wall, opposite S.Coup’s crash site. As you can tell, I like a good story and I felt like this one would have been one hilarious, twisty and clever one to watch. I liked how the video also stayed true to the 1920s swing vibes with its setting and outfits. Definitely cool and very sleek looking. I also really like the golden colour that the video had, which definitely shouts out ‘showtime’, which is highly relevant.

Best part of the music video has to be the ending with The8’s kneeling spin, bringing the performance to a close. The music video shot that part so well. I also like the musical stage vibe that the final chorus brought, giving the performance a very stage compatible climax. Aside from the final chorus montage, SEVENTEEN hits the woah during the earlier choruses and I will be interested to see how SEVENTEEN pulls off the integration of all the members following Hoshi, Jun and Chan’s unit moment earlier on the video (which looks cool nonetheless).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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