[Review] Why Not? – LOONA

Joining the influx of comebacks this week is LOONA. The female group dropped Why Not? on Monday (sorry for the later review), along with their third mini-album, 12:00 (which is to be read as ‘midnight’). This new comeback continues LOONA’s newfound sense of edginess, following in the footsteps of their title track from earlier in the year, So What?. This is also the second comeback to not feature Haeseul, who is still sitting out for health concerns.

LOONA impresses once again with their title track. It isn’t as fantastic as their last one (more on this in just a second), but I found LOONA’s bright energy and catchy hooks to still be quite memorable. The funky and bass-heavy electro-pop that makes up the instrumental aligns the song to the current trends in the industry, but the way it comes together is quite refreshing. The song is more on heavy with the rapping, giving that edgy vibe that I mentioned earlier. The vocals in the song are quite nice and pretty strong. I particularly find the ‘Di Da Dum‘ repetition we get in the first half of the chorus to be the most memorable and addictive part of the song. I did kind of expect a little bit more in this regard, though I felt that this was partly due to what I am about to explain next. I feel that there is a strong contrast between Why Not? and So What? and it is this difference that really sets the two songs apart. (For those who may not remember, I really enjoyed So What? – giving it a 10/10 rating for its review). Why Not? lacks that punch that could have made the chorus a lot more powerful and impressive. What we good had a nice ring to it and I do find it quite catchy. But I felt that the hook could have been beefed up with some attitude and the music could have been a fraction punchier to bring it up to par with their preceding title track.

Once again, my mind is instantly trying to connect this music video to their previous music videos. As mentioned in my last LOONA review, I will be (hopefully) one day revisit my LOONAverse music video theory that I wrote up for LOONA two years ago, including So What? and Why Not? (and any new videos between now and then) in that revisit. Standalone, it is another decent looking girl-crush concept. It isn’t as powerful visually, as well. I also think the addition of the not-so-much ‘girl-crush’ scenes (i.e. the more innocent looking scenes) were a good move. I also liked the unit choreography scenes. Not that I experienced it before, but one could become overwhelmed with so many people in one scene. So that was a good choice.

I personally like the energy that comes from the performance. The group brings a nice vibrancy to the stage and this makes it a fun performance to watch. I also feel that the song requires a fair amount of confidence in order to pull-off, particularly the random ‘yeah‘ throughout the song and ‘woah woah woah woah‘ we get just before the choruses.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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