[Album Review] -77.82x-78.29 (2nd Mini Album) – EVERGLOW

Today’s album review is EVERGLOW’s -77.82x-78.29. Probably the most intensive name to remember and say aloud if someone asks you for the mini-album’s title. I did a brief Google search and I couldn’t find out what this title actually means. And I can’t remember if the group has done an interview with a media outlet to explain the album. So if anyone knows the meaning behind the title, then let me/the rest of us know! The album is a really strong release from the group, outdoing Reminiscence (their first mini-album). At the forefront of -77.82X-78.29 is LA DI DA, a strong indication of the quality of this mini-album. Don’t believe me? Check out the other tracks on the mini-album below!

-77.82x-78.29 Album Cover

1. LA DI DA (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for LA DI DA. (10/10)

2. UNTOUCHABLE – Continuing the groovy vibes from the title track is UNTOUCHABLE. The synth/disco combination that forms the instrumental is the first thing that really grabs at you. And it leaves a very strong impression on you, as while LA DI DA was very upfront with its retro touch, UNTOUCHABLE’s retro influence took more of a backseat approach. This ‘backseat approach’ pairs extremely well with the group’s light vocals. Like many successful retro tracks out there, the song features a number of catchy hooks and melodies that really strengthens the appeal of the song. One could underestimate the song’s appeal for its lighter instrumentation (in comparison to the heftier LA DI DA), but the hooks and melodies definitely add an extra layer that is hard to argue against. (10/10)

3. GxxD BOY – When I listen to GxxD Boy, I can’t help but think about how successful the song could have been if it was released in the Western music industry by some of the top names at the moment. And if a song has that type of impression, you can definitely tell it is going to be a good one. I pretty much enjoyed all aspects of the song. From the whispering introduction to the rapping verses, to the vocals in the pre-chorus, to the rap-whispering delivery of the chorus, the delivery of the song was spot on! The instrumental feels quite indulgent, oozing confidence and sexy vibes whilst successfully relaying edgy vibes to the song. It is dynamic and very exciting. (10/10)

4. NO GOOD REASON – I really liked how refreshing and relaxing NO GOOD REASON sounded on this album. It is another song that could easily be successful in the Western music industry. I do feel that the song is their blandest on this album, but it is still a nice listen. It is a vocally centric song, though I did feel that it was missing a rap sequence. That could have provided it with that extra oomph to potentially be another 10/10 song. But as I said before, it is still a nice listen. It is also well placed at the very end of the album, relieving us from the three intense songs (in their own right) that preceded it. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.8/10

-77.82x-78.29 Teaser Image

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