[Review] Umbrella – H&D

This particular comeback occurred a month ago on the 23rd of September, so once again apologies for the month-delayed review. H&D (Hangyul & Dohyun) returned on that mentioned date for the final time as a duo with Umbrella, the title of both the lead single and their special mini-album. Don’t be alarm as this won’t be the final time we will be seeing the pair, though. The two have been confirmed to be making their debut once again as part of BAE173, Pocketdol Studio’s first male group. Both members have already appeared in individual teasers for this upcoming group, who is set to debut sometime in the near future.

Umbrella is very different to SOUL, which was the pair’s debut track. For those who may not remember, SOUL was an edgy, hard-hitting and dark-sounding dance track. Umbrella, on the other hand, is lighter in all senses. It is a R&B jazzy type of song, fitting for a coffee shop on a rainy day or some retail music in a high-end store. While those may be the more generally accepted locations to have Umbrella playing, I personally have been playing it whilst working or doing some tedious tasks that makes me sensitive to loud upbeat music. So I guess I am showing how versatile this lighter sound is. But the song is easy on the ears, which makes it more appreciable. The vocal work in this song was quite nice, with both members bringing a very palatable touch. Even Dohyun’s slowed down rapping was tweaked fittingly for the more jazzy vibes of the song. Their harmonies really add some definition. All is good. The issue with Umbrella is that it isn’t striking enough to carry on the momentum that SOUL had, nor is it striking enough to tease or raise expectations for their upcoming re-debut. It is a bit twisted to think this way, given that this was their ‘farewell’ of one chapter of their careers. But this presented a great opportunity to do both.

The music video for Umbrella is quite simple. And for many of my readers, you might know that I liked to think that simplicity sometimes speaks louder than complexity. I feel like this is the case where the simplicity was well used. A stage where the pair stand on and sing into microphones. Surrounded by musicians playing the instruments that make up the song’s instrumental. Perfectly coloured backgrounds, fitting clouds floating above them and light strobes to mimic rain. Even the closeups behind the wet glass panel were on point. Definitely a perfectly executed music video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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