[Review] Blue Hour – TXT

Also making their comeback on Monday is TXT, with Blue Hour. This is featured on the group’s third mini-album, minisode1: Blue Hour. This comeback follows the completion of their The Dream Chapter trilogy, which ended with their third mini-album (The Dream Chapter: Eternity) and the title track, Can’t You See Me. And TXT has been proven to be getting popular as the days go by, with reports suggesting that the group has managed to crush personal album sales records. That is a little statistic that I will share once I get around to an album review. In the meanwhile, here is the review for the Blue Hour comeback.

TXT is another group to follow the ongoing retro trends of KPOP. Or possibly, they are taking a page out of their labelmate’s recent release, BTS’ Dynamite. But either way, it is a really great move for TXT. Given their young age, they really should capitalize their youthful charms now before they inevitably move to more mature releases to fit their age. A mature concept now and then is okay (such as their previous comeback), but there is just a lot of unexplored territory if they don’t embrace that youthful side earlier on. The way Blue Hour started with the female voice going ‘boom boom…‘ (I think this was the lyrics that female voice was singing) was very intriguing. We then move into a more upbeat pop territory, with impressive vocals from Soobin and Beomgyu. The chorus confirms the Blue Hour‘s final form of disco pop. And paired with melodies like the ‘Cuz of imagination‘ (that starts off the chorus) just makes everything so much more appealing. The ‘Can’t you feel the rush‘ line was super catchy and this make the post-chorus hook my favourite part of the song, without a doubt. When it came to the second verse, I wasn’t impressed with Yeonjun’s rapping line. It just felt incoherent with the rest of the song. I did like Soonbin’s follow-up line that goes into falsetto mode. Taehyun’s husky voice that really makes ‘The sun is down...’ so much more impactful and Heuning Kai’s vocal rap line was a better form of rapping in the song. I did lowkey expect a rap sequence with a little more heft somewhere in the song and felt a little disappointed that didn’t actually occur once the song wrapped up. But overall, Blue Hour is fun, energetic and very enjoyable.

Once again, TXT’s music video features a story. And it seems to be an elaborate story that might connect to future music videos, based on the final scene alone where Beomgyu walks away from the tree and steps on the book that fell to the ground earlier. Likewise, where did the rest of the members go, as they were all sitting in the tree at the start of the video? And what the significance behind turning off the merry-go-round? Many questions to ponder and most likely answered in future videos. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to theorise what the video means, so I am making a bunch of assumptions for my ‘first take’ of the video. I liked the fun and youthful side of the music video (for the reasons I mentioned arlier on in the review.). I also liked the ‘imagination’ setting that I assumed the members had come up for the video. And those squirrels looked so cute (this last point is not an assumption, but a fact!).

The choreography looks light and fitting for the song. But it still looks complicated. I liked how there was a dance break version, which I assume included a few extra lines (as I don’t recall hearing some of the bridge in the Spotify version, which is what I based my song review on, though I do recall them appearing in the music video). The dance break version I reckon should be the default version as it added a layer of lighthearted coolness to the performance that I thought was unique.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.6/10

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