[Review] Jungle – CIX

Reviews for this week are coming a day late, as you can already tell. The first song that I am reviewing today is CIX’s Jungle, which is featured on the group’s third mini-album, Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time. Originally, this comeback was scheduled for the end of June this year. However, Bae Jin Young became injured in the lead up to the comeback and their company decided to postpone the comeback til yesterday. Regardless of when the group was due to make this Jungle comeback, it was still their first comeback of 2020 and their first comeback since the release of Numb.

Jungle continues the groups intense style in a very unexpected and unconventional manner. The song starts off with a mixture of piano and organs for the background. It is chilling, haunting and just downright atmospheric. It also doubles as a unique start to a song and it impresses. The instrumental proceeds to add in a simple beat to the first chorus. It adds a calculated amount of definition to the song to keep it interesting. Not too much that it throws the rest of the song off balance or changes the song’s momentum. But not too little that it practically added nothing to the song. The chorus is then followed up with a brief pop instrumentation (that was also well calculated) that adds even more intensity to the song before leading into the second verse. The second verse is more so a continuation of the developments thus far and the momentum doesn’t really change until we get to the second chorus. It does manage to incorporate a pre-chorus, which brings back some of that organ from the first verse. For the second chorus, they bolster the first bit of the chorus by adding a more dynamic and bouncier beat to the mix. Yet it still keeps everything in frame and doesn’t change up the song too much. The bridge features the rap, which is played over top that dynamic beat that featured briefly at the start of the second chorus. I liked that they didn’t change the rapping ‘fit the song’. Instead, they made the instrumental fit the rapping, allowing the rapping to add a kick ahead of the final moments of the song. When it comes to the final chorus, I felt they missed the opportunity to amplify the chorus one more time to really bring Jungle to a dynamic and fulfilling close. One thing I have touched on yet are the vocals. I felt that the vocals as a whole was stealthy and artful, fitting perfectly with the subtle intensity that oozes from Jungle.

This is another elaborate video that I just can’t wrap my head around. There seems to be a lot of symbolism throughout the video. The entire video had these creepy yet captivating scenes and images that draws you into the music video. Below this section of the review is quite a lengthy explanation of the concept, connecting both the music video and teasers released prior to the actual comeback to Dante’s Inferno. It was quite interesting and helped me put a lot of context to the video. It also provides a few connections to their previous music videos. Aside from the plot, big ticks for the choreography and post-production scenes as well.

I am not too sure if the music video didn’t do a good job of showcasing the performance, but the moves looked overly powerful for the first chorus. It was such a distinct and noticeable mismatch. I guess we will find out tomorrow once they perform their comeback stage. As the performance progressed, the moves fitted in with the music more neatly and felt appropriate. It is just that first part I wasn’t keen on. The setup for the rap sequence also looks really cool.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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