[Review] Jasmin – JBJ95

The other day, there was a bit of a debut frenzy with new groups making their grand entrance into the KPOP scene. But we also saw the comeback of JBJ95 the other day. It has been a while since we last heard from the pair (Kenta Takada and Kim Sang-gyun), with Only One being their last release and that dates back to December of last year. Their comeback consist of the title track and mini-album of the same name, Jasmin.

It is clear that retro trend is in full effect in KPOP. Majority of the best tracks over the past few weeks (and possibly months) have had some sort of retro effect incorporated into it. I am not complaining, as some of the best KPOP songs ever have stemmed from retro and funky sounds. Jasmin is described to be a disco-based dance track and that is practically what we get. While I would have preferred something with a little more disco upfront, Jasmin manages to stay refined and feel classy. The guitars brings the initial funky influence to the song, which is then followed up with a great foot-tapping induced beat that really adds some depth to the song. I particularly liked how they accented the end of each line in the pre-chorus. The chorus feels like an extension of how the song starts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the chorus is quite pleasant. I really like the falsetto tone that the pair opted for during the chorus. It keeps the song light and it seems to had to the upbeat nature of the song. I feel like this is where the song could have been more upfront with the disco influences that I mentioned earlier, but what we got from the pair and the producers was definitely quite satisfying to listen to. They continue Jasmin with a catchy post-chorus harmonies, forming into a hook that is probably my pick for the best part of the song. The rapping that slides in effortlessly into the second verse fits in perfectly. For the bridge, they practically took away all of the music, highlighting their vocals before bringing the instrumentation back into play to wrap up the song. It all works out really well and the song literally wraps up with me feeling good. This is a great effect to end with. And especially with a song that is so easy going and impressive like this, Jasmin is a success.

The video was okay. I really liked the bar setting of the video and felt that was quite fitting for the song’s lyrics, which essentially compared someone to be as seductive as the scent of jasmine. Definitely classy setting for a classy idea behind the lyrics. There is a bit of a plotline that felt cheesy to me and I wished they did something better with it. I am talking about the very brief scene where the pair go to save the lady they are interested in (who is kidnapped and bound by ropes). Two things about this story line. One – it never resolved and we actually didn’t see her again after it was revealed she was kidnapped. And two – when they go for the big jump from the building right after shooting all those balloons, they landed on a cloud. That was where the cheese mostly came from and practically distracted me from the video for the remainder of it that followed.

I liked the slight funkiness that the music video brought to the performance, especially in the pre-chorus and post-chorus sections of the song. I also like their duo moments with the female dance just before the second chorus. Overall, a nice performance to compliment the song.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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