[Weekly Chart] 5th Week of October 2020

Welcome to the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 5th Week of October 2020. It is crazy that October is now officially over and we are officially in November. Within a few blinks or a few Christmas carols, 2020 will be wrapping up and we will be in 2021. It is very scary to think that, isn’t it? But then again, we will all be glad it is come fast given how crap 2020 has been to the entire world. In the meanwhile, there are a lot more KPOP releases coming your way, so I guess we all should buckle our seatbelts and prepare ourselves for the influx of comebacks – November is looking jam packed!

As per the recent Weekly KPOP Charts, here are the big jumps of the week. H&D’s Umbrella experienced the biggest jump of 41 positions, thanks to its review last weekend. Crush’s Let Me Go (feat. Taeyeon) and Song Ji Eun’s Bloom are two releases who experienced big jumps as well from the very bottom of the charts last week (as I recorded no listens to either song last week). Other than those three songs, BDC’s Shoot The Moon and CRAVITY’s Ooh Aah are the other songs that had big jumps this weeks.

And now the Top 5 of the past week! The new song at the top end of the charts is SEVENTEEN’s HOME;RUN. It switches places with last week’s top song, Pentagon’s Daisy, which is now in the second position this week. In the third position this week was the unexpecting Shoot The Moon by BDC, followed by TXT’s new release, Blue Hour. And finally, wrapping up the Top 5 this week is Stray Kids’ Back Door, which rose back into the Top 5 this week. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  25th Oct – 31st Oct 2020
Title Artist Status
2 Daisy Pentagon (▼ 1)
3 Shoot The Moon BDC (▲ 31)
4 Blue Hour TXT (new)
5 Back Door Stray Kids (▲ 2)
6 I Can’t Stop Me TWICE (new)
7 Jasmin JBJ95 (new)
8 Jungle CIX (new)
9 Ooh Ahh CRAVITY (▲ 32)
10 Pump It Up Golden Child (▼ 2)
11 Umbrella H&D (▲ 41)
12 Zig Zag Weeekly (▼ 3)
13 Siren P1Harmony (new)
14 Nostalgia DRIPPIN (new)
16 Like A Movie B1A4 (▼ 12)
17 Feel Good (SECRET CODE) fromis_9 (▲ 1)
18 Twilight WEi (▼ 4)
19 Let Me Go Crush ft. Taeyeon (SNSD) (▲ 34)
20 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) NCT U (▲ 3)
21 Bad Idea MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) (▲ 4)
22 BLOOM Song Ji Eun (▲ 30)
23 Cool Weki Meki (▼ 1)
24 The Stealer The Boyz (▲ 15)
25 La Di Da EVERGLOW (▼ 8)
26 Shine Together SF9 (▼ 5)
27 Helicopter CLC (▲ 9)
28 Hello Chen (EXO) (▲ 18)
29 Goblin (Favorite Boy) A.C.E (▼ 14)
30 From Home NCT U (▼ 20)

Songs leaving the charts this week include:

  • Hey There – Seven O’Clock
  • Where The Sea Sleeps – Even of Day (DAY6)
  • Obliviate – Lovelyz
  • Tiger Inside – SuperM
  • Helicopter – CLC
  • Goblin (Favorite Boy) – A.C.E
  • B.A.D – Super Junior-D&E
  • Beautiful Scar – Lee Eun Sang ft. Park Woo Jin (AB6IX)
  • Open Mind – Wonho
  • Oh Ya Ya Ya – LUNARSOLAR

Thank you once again for visiting this blog and I will catch you in the next review!

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