[Album Review] CHASER (5th Mini Album) – The Boyz

The album review that I intended to post on the Friday that we just passed was The Boyz’s CHASER mini-album. The album was released back in September and (like the state of this segment) the album review comes after the group had wrapped up promotions for the title track, The Stealer. The group is currently in follow up promotions with Whiplash, though I suspect that might have ended. Also featured on the mini-album are four new tracks and CHECKMATE, the group’s final song on Road To Kingdom. This also helped the group win their one-way ticket to Kingdom, which has recently been confirmed to begin shooting in January 2021. While I am sure that many people are super excited for this, we just need to wait a little longer. In the meanwhile, here is my album review for CHASER.

CHASER Album Cover

1. Shine Shine – If you are judging the song by the title (like I did) and are expecting something with sunshine and flowers (similar to The Boyz’s Bloom Bloom), then you need to look elsewhere. Shine Shine kicks off CHASE with a much darker tone and heavier sounds. It features a very sleek dance instrumentation that will make the members look good on stage without a doubt. The vocals, rapping and hooks were all quite smooth to compliment the instrumental. I also liked the subtle intensity that comes from the song. Overall, a strong starter to this new side of The Boyz. (9/10)

2. The Stealer (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for The Stealer. (8/10)

3. InsanityInsanity begins with a sequence that felt like a mix of Taemin’s Danger (which the group covered on Road To Kingdom) and something of their style. And it is a very intriguing start. What comes after that introductory sequence does not disappoint as well. Their vocals are definitely what I am referring to, especially Sunwoo’s lines throughout the song. He was so smooth, alluring and the standout member in this song. That being said, the rest of the members do an amazing job as well. It is interesting to note that the song relied purely on vocals to delivery the song’s polished melody. I liked this stylistic choice, allowing the vocals to be emphasized throughout the track in a matter that wouldn’t have been achieved if there were some strong rap sequences incorporated into the song. (9/10)

4. Whiplash Whiplash inserts some lighthearted and cheerfulness to the album. And I felt this break from the seriousness of CHASE thus far really makes the song standout. To the point where I think it edges ahead of the rest of the album. The song actually reminds me of Super Junior’s Devil. I didn’t like that particular song when I reviewed it, but it is another song that grew on me over time. I love the pop rock instrumentation in Whiplash and the guitar riffs throughout the song. It enables the cool melodies that makes Whiplash so appealing to me. Once again, their vocal work is superb, and they felt quite classy throughout this pop track. The rapping gave the song some punch and complimented the higher tone the vocalists sing at. The song itself was quite catchy and it had me humming along for days. (10/10)

5. Make or BreakMake or Break continues the upbeat energy from the preceding track. It brings me back to The Boyz’s chirpier and energetic tracks that they used to promote. Come to the think of it, Make or Break would have been an excellent sidetrack for Bloom Bloom, if it wasn’t just a digital single. It features great instrumentals that also reminds me of 90s hip-hop, to a degree. It is a solid track. While I think the singing was great in the song, I wanted more from the rapping. They could have gone harder with the rapping, which would have suited the 90s style really well. What we got was pretty decent, but it would have been nice to hear them go that extra bit further. (8/10)

6. CHECKMATE (Stage Ver.) – I have previously reviewed the song as part of the Road To Kingdom special review series. Click here to read the review I gave CHECKMATE (noting that you will need to do some scrolling to get to the review). (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10


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