[Album Review] IDENTITY: FIRST SIGHT (1st Mini Album) – WEi

The album review that was supposed to be posted yesterday was meant to be WEi’s debut mini-album, IDENTITY: FIRST SIGHT. The mini-album features Twilight as the lead title track and four other side tracks – some of which were composed by the members themselves. The reason why I decided to review this particular album is because it establishes WEi’s presence in the industry in a very consistent manner. While I have mentioned that consistency can be a flaw in other reviews in the past, there have been times where I have praised consistency, with this album (and its songs) being another example of those times. There is a spin at the end of this mini-album, so keep you ears peeled for that.

Identity: First Sight Album Cover

1. Twilight (Title Track) – Click here for the full review for Twilight. (7/10)

2. DOREMIFADOREMIFA instantly has a chirpier vibe than compared to the title track. I feel that that DOREMIFA is quite similar to Twilight already in terms of style, so they aren’t really reinventing themselves with this song. I just enjoyed the song’s brighter persona, which fits in with the group’s youthfulness (since they are a newly debuted group). It also takes on board a more electronic synth approach with its instrumentation, which always has a tinge of refreshment. Like how they aren’t reinventing themselves, the song doesn’t really feature anything that might surprise you or catch you guard. It is straightforward and pleasant overall. (7.5/10)

3. Timeless (꼬리별) – Once again, they really don’t show a new side to themselves character or music-wise. It still has that bright energy that makes you smile / sounds like they smiling and it takes on a typical pop ballad sound. But what I really enjoyed in Timeless was the chorus. As a package, it was super catchy and the melody they used really memorable for me. I really like their display of vocals (that falsetto at the end of the bridge was perfect) and the rapping impressed me. I liked the instrumentation for the same pleasantry and enjoyable reasons above. The combination of the synths and the piano works really well and helps convey the happiness of finally being with their lover. (9/10)

4. Hug You (안고 싶어)Hug You is similar to Timeless in the sense that it falls within the pop realm. There honestly isn’t much of a difference between the two songs if you were to glance briefly throughout the tracklist. What does set Hug You apart from the preceding track is the drop in the chorus, which enables the song to become more a dance track for a brief moment. It isn’t a new dynamic in KPOP, but it helps gives the song momentum and some heft to it. Hug You does a really good job of portraying WEi’s vocals once again. They were solid vocals and that high note that the end is icing on the Hug You cake. The rapping was also quite good, but the vocals have the edge. Overall, Hug You continues to keep the album consistent thus far and does a pretty good job to impress. (9/10)

5. Fuze (도화선) – So far, the album has been quite consistent in the song style, vibes and artist profile. We haven’t seen anything ‘different’ from the group over the past four songs. Interestingly, Fuze attempts to change this dynamic by opting for a dance track that has power, edge and intensity. And this can be applied for all elements (melodies, vocals, rapping and instrumental). It isn’t really be groundbreaking if you were to compare it to other male groups. But it is definitely a nice change up given their consistent sound so far. I really liked the abrasiveness of the EDM, how suited the rappers were for this style, the soaring nature of the vocals in the chorus and how the energy just doesn’t let up. Fuze really a powerful and dominant tone that puts a spin on WEi and their music, keeping the excitement up for their future releases. (9.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.4/10

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