[Review] Breath – GOT7

GOT7 is making their return with a comeback next week in the form of a studio album titled Breath of Life: Last Piece. I am excited and pumped for this comeback like all their fans, but I am slightly concerned about the ‘Last Piece‘ segment of the title. Hopefully it isn’t what I think it is. In the meanwhile this week, the group is out teasing and hyping us up with their impending return through their pre-release single, Breath. This comebacks comes after Not By The Moon, which was released back in April this year.

Breath is a light mid-tempo R&B track with a bit of a hip-hop influence. The song itself is reasonably catchy, which is thanks to the way the members are arranged in this song. I really like their their use of projection in the chorus. It is a nice play on textures here and definitely alluring to listen to. It is also a slight teaser to the vocal prowess of both Youngjae and JB, especially for those who are tuning into a GOT7 release for the first time. The whistling is also a really fun element to the song, breaking up the chorus by being inserted between lines to make the chorus appear punchier. There is also a really nice sense of bounce to the song, which I enjoyed very much. It also made the song so much more appealing, especially since I prefer more upbeat releases at the end of the day. While I think the rappers of the group were used in a fine way, I think if they had a slight more edgy sequence, this would have boosted the dynamic of Breath to a new level. But as I said, I am happy with how the song turned out. Youngjae and the rest of the composing team for Breath really knows how to appeal to our senses.

The music video for Breath feels just right for the song. It compliments the energy without a hitch and the members looked like they had a genuine time filming this video. But can we take a step back for a moment to appreciate the amazingness of the editing of this video? The switches between members and setting were so well timed and looked flawless. This technique gives the video a very unique spin and will become the excuse I would use to continue to rewatch the video. Since this is a pre-release, I looking at very nook and cranny to note any possible connection for next week’s release. The floating piece of white silk seems to be a key element in this video, appearing quite often throughout the video. It also appears in a frame at the very end. I also think the signage (or maybe the entire sets in general) will be appearing in the official comeback music video (i.e. B.O.L Station and A Piece of Cake).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

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