[Album Review] We Can (2nd Mini Album) – Weeekly

In this edition of the Album Review segment, I am covering Weeekly’s second mini-album, We Can. This is the first time I am reviewing their album. I passed on the opportunity to review their debut mini-album, We Are, which featured their debut title track Tag Me. But while I was vetting albums to review recently, We Can popped out me. Two of the tracks stole my attention and I knew I had to review this album to make sure I draw your attention to them. That being said, the rest of the mini-album is definitely a standout, so I recommend that you give the entire release a listen.

We Can Album Cover

1. Unnie (언니) – Opening up the album is Unnie, which is a reasonably cutesy styled pop track. The cutesy style is usually not really my cup of tea (though there are songs of this style that I do indulge myself with), but Unnie holds back from being oversaturated with this profile. As a result, the song is quite pleasant. There are some really nice vocals throughout the song, such as in the second verse and the entire bridge. The instrumental is upbeat and I really like the use of the electric guitar throughout some of the song, adding a bit of zing to the song to make it more interesting. (8/10)

2. My EarthMy Earth is a texturally interesting song and my personal favourite off the album. This is obviously thanks to the EDM instrumental that dominated the song. While I do admit that it could have been overwhelming for some, there is something aesthetic about the different EDM influences and synths they had picked for the song and how it all blends together without a noticeable hitch. Props to the producers! The bass was definitely needed to give the song depth and definition. I also liked the light vocals, which was surprising as you would expect them to be drowned out by the instrumental. But somehow, they poked through and you could hear them clearly. Props, once again, to the producers of My Earth! (9.5/10)

3. Zig Zag (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Zig Zag. (8/10)

4. Top Secret (몰래몰래)Top Secret is another really strong track off this album. To me, this is a Goldilocks’ type of song. Nothing in this track was lacking or too soft. Nothing was too extreme or over the top. Everything was enjoyable and pleasant. Just right, as Goldilocks would say in the fairytale. (Okay, end of fairytale reference). But honestly, this is what makes the song just standout. It didn’t need craziness or need a centerpiece that the song revolves around. I particularly enjoyed the main hook ‘You, You, You~’, as it reminds me of another way back in the early 10s. It is always nice for a trip down nostalgia lane. (10/10)

5. Weeekly (월화수목금토일) – The final song on this album is a self-titled song that returns to the upbeat roots that started off the album. It is another cutesy track. There is slightly more of this cutesy profile in Weeekly in comparison to Unnie, but it isn’t a case of oversaturation. I appreciate everything in this song from the hooks to the melodies. The vocals was very nice and the guitar in the instrumentation was a nice touch. The only part that I didn’t really like was the anthem-like sequence that was the bridge of the song. It felt cliché and didn’t feel fitting for the song for me. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

Zig Zag / We Can Teaser Image

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