[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of November 2020

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Last week, I decided to focusing on finalising everything related to the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards so I could get everything finalised before December 1st. As a result, I had to drop the Weekly KPOP Charts temporarily on Sunday. And then I forgot about it during the week. Until today! Without any further delay, here is the Weekly KPOP Chart for the final week of November 2020.

But first, the big jumps of the week. A lot of them today. The most notable jump was the song that ended up topping the charts for the 4th Week of November 2020, BTS’s Life Goes On. However, this was not the biggest jump. That goes to BOL4’s Red Lipstick. Other songs that experienced a large jump includes SECRET NUMBER’s Got That Boom, NCT U’s Make A Wish (Birthday Song), Weeekly’s Zig Zag, NCT U’s From Home and NATTY’s Teddy Bear.

As for the Top 5, let’s start from the top. You already know who topped the charts as I mentioned it earlier, BTS’s Life Goes On. Following BTS is GOT7 with their pre-release single, Breath. One of NCT U’s newest songs, 90’s Love, debuts in the third position. MOMOLAND’s rises to the Top 4 with Ready or Not, while GFriend’s Mago continues their Top 5 streak, placing fifth this week. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  22nd Nov – 28th Nov 2019
Title Artist Status
1 Life Goes On BTS (▲ 36)
2 Breath GOT7 (new)
3 90’s Love NCT U (new)
4 Ready or Not MOMOLAND (▲ 12)
5 MAGO Gfriend (▼ 3)
6 Bad Blood DAHYE (▲ 28)
7 Got That Boom SECRETNUMBER (▲ 37)
8 Show Your Love BTOB 4U (▼ 5)
9 Love Killa MONSTA X (▲ 8)
10 Forbidden Island Ha Sung Woon (▲ 19)
11 Work It NCT U (new)
12 Lovesick Girl BLACKPINK (▲ 26)
13 Dingga MAMAMOO (▼ 2)
14 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) NCT U (▲ 37)
15 Zig Zag Weeekly (▲ 38)
17 Happening AKMU (▼ 16)
19 Tonight Blackswan (▼ 11)
20 Red Lipstick BOL4 (▲ 39)
21 Tears of Chaos E’LAST (▲ 24)
22 SALUTE AB6IX (▼ 16)
23 From Home NCT U (▲ 36)
24 Hmph! WJSN CHOCOME (▲ 18)
25 Cool Weki Meki (▼ 2)
26 Daisy Pentagon (▼ 16)
27 GOTCHA Park Ji Hoon (▲ 3)
28 I Can’t Stop Me TWICE (▼ 9)
29 Teddy Bear NATTY (▲ 30)
30 Why Not? LOONA (▼ 10)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • No Love – Super Junior D&E
  • Lovesick Girls – BLACKPINK

Thank you once again. I will get back on the reviewing train tomorrow with an album review and a song review.

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