ONEUS is nominated in the Rising Star of 2020, Most Underrated Artist of 2020, Best Male Group, Best Concept and Best Music Video categories in the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Click here to vote for ONEUS and your other favourite artists.

Earlier this week, ONEUS made a surprise comeback with a new single, BBUSYEO. This comeback is significantly different to any of their previous comebacks for its bright and lighthearted approach, contrasting with the group’s dark and serious toned comebacks. BBUSYEO also follows ONEUS’ other 2020 comebacks, A Song Written Easily and the more recent TO BE OR NOT TO BE (which has been nominated for Best Concept and Music Video in the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards – Link to vote for them is above).

As previously mentioned. ONEUS opts for a more lighthearted and fun sound for BBUYSEO, miles away from any of their previous music. It is definitely unexplored territory for the group. I particularly like how the start of the song just gets straight to the point. There is no need for a build up or to fluff up the song. Instead, BBUYSEO starts off with heavily autotuned oohs and aahs that sounded quite funny to me, going straight for that lighthearted effect that has already been mentioned. Then the song gets straight to its upbeatness with the fast tempo backing of the verse, thanks to the use of funky guitars and a clapping beat. Here, there are strong vocals and raps from the members, with their delivery very much keeping up with the intensity and pace of the music. When we round on the chorus, it comes with no surprises that it is brass heavy. Firstly, brass instruments is the go to instrument group if you want something fun or infectious. Secondly, the verses hint towards the chorus with the use of some brass elements, but they were clearly not as prominent as in the chorus and were pretty much overlooked. The rest of the song basically follows the above, with the addition of a trap based rap sequence just after the first chorus, an amazing display of vocals from the vocalists of the group in the bridge (who do even more with ad-libs in the final chorus), and the new extension at the very end of the song to bring it all together. I feel that the song does lack strong hooks, however. ONEUS was clearly going in the right direction, but I felt the producers underestimated the power behind the brass in the instrumental and the hooks that they do have got somewhat lost in the instrumentation. However, BBUYSEO still comes together nicely as the group’s first bright track. While I personally do prefer ONEUS’ darker and serious tones, having a bright song like this once in a while won’t do harm to their discography.

As mentioned earlier, this new sound allows ONEUS to explore new concepts. And this is clearly observed in the music video. There were a lot of stuff being smashed throughout the video, which makes completes sense given that BBUSYEO translates to Break It in English. Bright colours and hilarious moments were heavily used throughout the video to convey the ‘not serious’ and lighthearted tone of the comeback. My favourite part has to be when Ravn punches the toilet door to reveal a posing and waving Hwanwoong, who ended up smashing the toilet. It is just a major WTF moment that made me laugh.

I am totally digging the energy that is coming from the members during the performance. They definitely give it their all and it really portrays the song really well on stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is more intensive than their dances for their more serious/darker music. A lot more jumps and interactions with the camera is enable in this performance, which lifts up the dynamic nature of it.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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