[Review] Love So Sweet – Cherry Bullet

Apologies, once again, for drip feeding the song reviews again this week. But the weekend will definitely feature more reviews (and this time I am for real as I will be spending my time indoors away from the hot weather, which means more time on the blog!). The song I want to focus on today is Cherry Bullet’s Love So Sweet (as you can already tell from the title of the post). The now-seven member female group returned on Wednesday with the new song and their very first mini-album, Cherry Rush. This is their first mini-album release since their debut in 2019 with Q&A. This is also their first comeback since Aloha Oe last year.

While I have yet to show it due to my slow reviewing capacity, Love So Sweet is fast becoming a favourite of mine this week. To me, I find the song’s instrumental to be so unique, memorable and addictive all at the same time. The start of the song gave off a modern TWICE-like feel, before settling with a minimalist beat that reminds me of the Western pop industry. The pre-chorus kicks the song up a notch by transitioning the song from bubblegum into a more intensive pop sound. And I really liked how it bridged the gap between the verse and the chorus, which also felt defined. The chorus was fun and continues the energy from the pre-chorus. It definitely honed in the fact that Love So Sweet was of the cutesy nature. But while high pitched vocals and sweet melodies were used, I didn’t find the song overly saturated with this vibe. I did like the paced nature of the instrumentation, which really helped in preventing the song from becoming too overly cutesy. Following the actual vocal section of the chorus comes the song’s best part – the post-chorus hook. It brings back that minimalist vibe of the verse in a really unique and sophisicated manner. It also drives the energy down slightly to give way to the slightly more energetic (relatively to the first verse) second verse. I personally didn’t like the rapping in the bridge, but everything else in the segment was fine. Another really strong moment was the high note and its pairing with the subtle blast of energy for the final chorus. It was very fitting and definitely helped make the song peak in a very satsifying manner. I also like how they borught back that post-chorus hook at the very end, ending the song with the highlight of the entire three minutes. Overall, Love So Sweet is definitely a sweet song. But done in a way that was enjoyable and refined.

I really liked the concept of the music video. Essentially, each chunk of the song has given a particular room or setting. The transition between each room was done by a singular doorway, which was a very unique idea for me. I am certain they reused the same rooms, just with different lighting to give off a different feel and make it seem they set up a new room for each scene. Pretty smart. I also liked the editing at the end of the video, where each set was flashed for one second. It was quite flawless. I tried to work out if one member was out of place or not. But I guess the director had such great attention to detail because I couldn’t pinpoint any issues with the quick transitions.

The cutesy charm of the group came through in the performance. Once again, I am glad it didn’t look over saturated with this. There was no bad moment throughout the choreography. My favourite part has to be the during the post-chorus hook segment and after the high note at which the song peaked (and so did the performance!).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.3/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Love So Sweet – Cherry Bullet

  1. Great review! I definitely don’t like the overly cutesy or sugary sweet type, but Cherry Bullet did well in not over saturating it like you said. It’s super fun and extremely catchy.


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