[Review] U Mad – Bobby (iKON)

Bobby makes one of the first comebacks of the week. Looking back at this previous solo work, it has almost been four years since we have seen any work from the iKON member. His last release was back in 2017 with the double title track release of I Love You and Runaway. Since then, Bobby has been mainly focused on his group activities through multiple comebacks. More recently, Bobby returned as a solo artist briefly for an OST. Today, Bobby made his solo comeback with U MAD and his second studio album titled Lucky Man.

U MAD is a very agressive song. While U MAD does feature a powerful instrumental, it isn’t the most explosive aspect of the new song. Rather, it is Bobby’s angsty delivery of his lines through his rapping that gives the song its blastful effect. And this actually sets the song a part from the rest of its competition. Most of the time, songs rely heavily on the instrumentation to show off that energy or flair. But in U MAD, Bobby shouts and growls his way through. It really does make an interesting song. The instrumental itself does help out a bit, framing itself around the hip-hop genre. The synths do make the song eventful, peeking through when it matters most to help deliver an effective song. The chorus was really cool. Not only does it combines the best of everything that I mentioned so far, I really liked that it started off with a question (‘Why you mad son?‘) that almost feels playful in a way. It is as if Bobby is edging on his opponents in this song (more on this in a moment). While I have specified in the past that songs like this aren’t really my thing, Bobby definitely manages to change that this time around with U MAD. The only thing I was upset about with this song was how quickly it was over for me.

The premise of the music video was an action packed mission in which Bobby (number 1) had to find the missing CD that Bobby (number 2) had already taken. There was an epic fight scene between Bobby (number 1) and a bunch of guards who worked for Bobby (number 2), which I read Bobby attended stunt classes for. That is definitely commitment! Naturally, for the video to proceed, Bobby (number 1) managed to make it past all those guards (by pretending falling to his death before flying away with Spy Kids styled jet pack shoes) to Bobby (number 2), who was patiently waiting for him. We don’t get to see the aftermath so I am hoping there is a sequel of some kind on the cards. It was a really good video that literally comes out swinging, making it highly suitable for the new song. The only thing I didn’t like was the dreadlocks on Bobby (number 2). The only reason why this version of him is in the feature image is because it is the most decent closeup of the soloist I can get from the music video. I am sure the stylist could have given him a different hairstyle to show off the sinsiterness of the character.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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