[Album Review] I Burn (4th Mini Album) – (G)I-DLE

It has felt like it has been a while since I actually sat down to write an album review. The last one for AB6IX was two weeks ago. The artist I was going to review after fast-tracking AB6IX’s repackaged release was (G)I-DLE’s I Burn, which serves as the female group’s fourth mini-album release. The mini-album was released almost a month ago on the 11th day of the first month of 2021. Since the release of the mini-album and its title track, Hwaa, the group has taken out multiple weekly music show trophies. Even a triple crown on MCoundDown! (G)I-DLE also topped my Weekly KPOP Charts with Hwaa for the 2nd Week of January 2021. But enough awards talk. It is time to have a closer listen to their mini-album.

I Burn Album Cover

1..Hann (Alone In Winter) (한(寒)) – You may recognize the title of the song through their previous title track, Hann (Alone). The songs are lyrically connected, with the earlier song being about wanting for forget an ex-lover. This new song is about being unable to forget the ex-lover. This connection further adds context to the lyrics of Hwaa, which is all about recovering from that valley of emotions. This connection is quite clever and really adds some heft to the members singing. Their singing itself is already quite powerful and definitely captivating. What makes Hann (Alone In Winter) better is that it features a really beautiful instrumentation, feeling quite fantastical and dramatic. (10/10)

2. Hwaa (화(火花)) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Hwaa. (8/10)

3. MoonMoon is a very interesting track, but in a good way. It is an aesthetic pop track, brought to life with really nice guitar work, captivating percussion and a bit of an electronic touch to the song. I really like the ending sequence, which is a perfect blend of these elements. It also makes for a really great start to the final moments of the song. In the body, all of these instrumental elements come together to create a solid background for the members voices. There is a lot of vocal techniques employed throughout the song. The chorus is my favourite part, with the start of the chorus being the most memorable thanks to Minnie’s vocals. (9/10)

4. Where Is Love – If Moon was a little slow for your taste, you will probably enjoy the more amped up pop energy in Where Is Love. The song tacks into the electronic side, making it a really fitting side-track for KPOP. It does have what it takes to be a title track, but I think the song tethers more on the plain side. But surely this song can be revamped into some edgier and more exciting. Nonetheless, Where Is Love is fulfilling as it is with its straightforward approach and its simplicity when it comes to employing that electronic side. The repetition of the song’s title is really catchy and I like the touch of autotune added to their voices (not much, thankfully). (9/10)

5. Lost – (G)I-DLE slows down the energy a bit with Lost. This isn’t a complaint, but rather an observation. Lost features consistent guitar work throughout the background of the song. They add other instrumentation to give it a more pop flair. But while that was enjoyable, I do feel like the song is stuck in a neutral gear. Soyeon’s rap does briefly cut the neutral nature of the song, which I appreciated. But I wanted more. (7/10)

6. Dahila – While it does sound like I have been looking down on the slower songs of the album, Dahlia is proof that a relatively slower song has the ability to impress me. While the instrumental of the song didn’t feel as special as the other songs, Dahlia’s driving force is the vocals. All the members were really good and stole to the show in the album’s final track. Soyeon’s raps give the song that little bit more of an edge, which I enjoyed. The song ends with Soojin and Minnie in an encore-type manner. I found it so haunting and riveting, making the song more appealing to me. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

I Burn / HWAA Teaser Image

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