[Review] Memory – Kim Myung Soo (L)

Many of our favourite second generation KPOP male idols have been enlisting into the miltary over the last few years. So we have been experiencing a lack of performances from those idols. However, they are slowly returning from the military, and we could potentially see these idols and their respective groups make their first comebacks this year. On the other hand, we are still saying farewell (temporarily) to some of these idols, such as Myungsoo (or L from Infinite). More recently, Myungsoo (or L) has been active as an actor since his departure from Woolim Entertainment. However, he is still committed to his fans and Inspirits alike. Last week, he made his solo debut with the single Memory as a parting gift before he enlists in the military later this month.

Given the context behind the song and the circumstances that Myungsoo finds himself in, a ballad seems like that default style. And a ballad is what he gives us. The instrumental is pretty starightforward, consisting of a acoustic guitars and piano work. It progresses like most other ballads, where it slowly builds by incorporating more instrumentation as the song progresses along. It is still a captivating piece, nonetheless. What I do like about Memory is that it doesn’t tap into the classical side of the ballad genre. That would have been very cliche. But as previously mentioned, the ballad approach is very typical regardless. But it does still feel a tiny bit different from what I had expected. Memory also indulges fans of Myungsoo as it showcases the actor/singer’s voice. Myungsoo has always had a very unique voice and I really like the colour which he brings to Infinite back in the day. To know that he has a whole song to himself really makes my day. His voice takes you on a bit of a journey. I felt I easily got lost in the track, between his vocals and instrumentation. Together, the instrumentation and vocals bring forth that swaying effect that I often mention when it comes to ballads. And that swaying effect is always a good thing when it comes to ballads. Overall, Myungsoo doesn’t get points for originality when it comes to Memory, but rather execution and effect.

The music video is simply a bunch of closeups of Myungsoo in what seems like a photoshoot type of set up. We see him posing throughout the video in very nature-based scenic places. Occasionally, we get a picture form of what we just saw. I am sure fans enjoyed the visual aspect of the music video. There isn’t much else to the music video. I will admit that it isn’t a video that I would return to constantly, but I really like the paced nature of the video. It works well with the song and its balladry nature. It also felt like a blissful walk along the beach or somewhere scenic.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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