[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of February 2021

Sorry for this very delayed posting of the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 3rd Week of February 2021. I have just been busy with some other stuff on the side, which lead to posts being shifted around and this particular segment being delayed for almost a week. In more happier news, this weekend will be a reviewing blitz weekend, as I don’t any plans on. I am hoping to catch up on necessary reviews, such as album reviews from January. The normal posting schedule will restart on the 1st of March, with Past Album Reviews being published on Wednesdays now and the more recent albums released on the weekend (instead of the previously scheduled Fridays and Sundays). As this is delayed, it will be a quick one once again. On with the post!

The charts

Congratulations to IU for another Weekly KPOP Chart win with Celebrity! IU previously topped the charts with Celebrity three weeks ago when the song was first released. For the last two weeks, IU has been steady in the second position, so she was bound to get to the top again eventually.

  16th Feb – 22 Feb 2020
Title Artist Status
1 Celebrity IU (▲ 1)
2 Excalibur KINGDOM (new)
3 Paranoia Kang Daniel (new)
4 Cinema CIX (▲ 22)
5 Bicycle Chungha (new)
6 Love So Sweet Cherry Bullet (▼ 3)
7 Stay Young AB6IX (▲ 39)
8 ZERO:ATTITUDE Soyou & IZ*ONE ft. pH-1 (new)
9 Dangerous E’LAST (▲ 2)
11 Fallin’ (Adrenaline) AB6IX & Why Don’t We (▲26)
12 ON&ON Hong Eunki (▲ 3)
13 In The Dark Jeong Sewoon (▼ 5)
14 Cheese Laboum (▲ 39)
15 X Chungha (▲ 35)
16 Hop In Uhm Jung Hwa ft. Hwasa (Mamamoo)& DPR LIVE (▲ 15)
17 What I Said VICTON (▼ 10)
18 Cough Syrup Kangta (▲ 24)
19 Time For Me Berry Good (▲ 2)
20 My Turn CRAVITY (▲ 2)
21 Burn It Golden Child (▼ 17)
22 Odd Eye Dream Catcher (▼ 9)
23 U MAD BOBBY (iKON) (▼ 22)
24 Sugar Kim Woo Seok (UP10TION) (▼ 6)
25 No Diggity ONEUS (▼ 20)
26 I’m Not Good Hyuna (▼ 20)
27 HWAA (G)I-DLE (▲ 7)
28 Perfume Yubin (▼ 8)
29 Thank U U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) (▼ 13)
30 I Wish Soohyun & Hoon (UKISS) (▼ 5)

Leaving the charts this week

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run on the charts and will be removed to make way for new songs:

  • Amusement Park – Baekhyun (EXO)
  • Beautiful Love – Oh Sae Beom
  • Camellia – Jukjae & Hyuk (VIXX)
  • Hop In – Uhm Jung Hwa ft. Hwasa (Mamamoo)& DPR LIVE
  • Cheese – Laboum

Onto the next review post!

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