[Review] Lose – Wonho

The final big comeback of the week was courtesy of Wonho, who made his first comeback since going solo last year. Yesterday, the solo artist made his anticipated return to the stage with Lose as the title track and the mini-album Love Synonym #2: Right For Us. As mentioned, this is his first comeback since debut as a solo artist with Open Mind. As a little side note, Wonho and Open Mind was nominated for Best New Male Soloist and Best Male Solo Choreography of 2020 in the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Click here to find out if Wonho was voted to be the winners of those categories in the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards. Apart from that, let’s move on with the review before we ‘lose’ any more time.

Lose continues the really stylish and sleek profile from his solo debut, something that I really enjoyed. But instead of being a proud and loud song like the synths in Open Mind, Lose is more atmospheric and ‘dark’. When you listen to Lose, you can feel this intensity and dark aura (amongst other things which I will touch on in a second) rolling off the instrumentation, vocals and everything else which I won’t have room and time to mention. The new single is concentrated with chugging guitar work, driving the song forward. The guitar also brings out a subtle sense of funkiness, which makes the song weave into the ongoing groovy trend that KPOP has been experiencing. But while it does fit in, Lose does have massive appeal and stands out thanks to the already mention atmosphere that it created, the intensity and ‘darkness’ that comes from the music. There is more of the grooviness towards the end with the outro of the song being an instrumental extension featuring an even funkier guitar piece. My favourite part has to be the violins, especially in the final chorus. The opening to this section of the song was definitely the peak of the song, whilst the use of classical violins empahsises everything that I have mentioned thus far. Adding a sensual vibe to the song are Wonho’s vocals. For the most part, he whisper sings his way through the song with a husky tone. It is very alluring and definitely fits in with the already mentioned appealing aspects of the song. While everything in Lose is literally perfection thus far, I wanted more to the song. And I felt that the song could have used rap sequence, either from Wonho or a featuring artist. Call me cliché, but I think that would have added an extra layer of intensity and appeal. And if Wonho was to pull it off, well, I am sure fans (Wenee’s) would be mindblown with Lose.

Lose‘s accompanying music video is a Wonho video. So, abs are a mandatory element. So I am sure fans and other viewers will be overjoyed if that is the thing they like to look out for. I felt a lot of the video’s setup was done so to really emphasis his body, like the rain and the associated choreography shots. His outfits definitely enable use to see more of this body (thought it makes you think why they even both with a shirt or jacket in the first place). But at the same time, it definitely made the video worth watching. Aside from a distractingly good body, I really like how the video taps into the song’s dark aura by using darkness and dimming the lights.

The choreography for Lose is quite good, fitting for the music as one would expect. It really fits because of the balanced mixture of the fast and sharp movements, with the slower and smoother moves. Wonho also makes the performance more alluring to watch thanks to his facial expressions. They just really captivate and shows off his showmanship.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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