[Review] Moon Rider – BDC

Starting off this week is BDC with the release of their latest single, MOON RIDER. This single is featured as part of the group’s second mini-album, The Intersection: Discovery. This return of the trio from Brand New Music follows the release of Shoot The Moon and The Intersection: Belief in September of 2020.

The funky trend continues to infiltrate the KPOP industry, with MOON RIDER being the next song to conform to this ongoing style of music. While that sentence does potentially sound like it would be followed up with a groan, it is quite the contrary. I am enjoying the funky sound, as I tend to have an affinity towards the more upbeat and energetic styles of music which this style in question clearly falls under. What I do like in MOON RIDER is that the disco-like synths that make up the song maintains that matureness to it that I had pointed out in my SHOOT THE MOON review. Together, MOON RIDER is refined yet also fun at the same time. The matureness is in part thanks to the members themselves. To me, they sound very experienced in this department. There is that touch of simplicity to their vocals this time around as well, but I felt that they managed to show a bit more technique thanks to the falsettos they employ as part of the chorus. All their other vocal work was well-processed and felt clear and crisp to me. I also really like the kick the rapper brought to the song following the first chorus. It kept the momentum of the chorus going and helped drive the song forward in an appealing matter. The bridge was interesting. They opted for vocal layer and a stripped back instrumental background. I thought it was nice and gave the final chorus the ability end out the song on a punchier note. Overall, MOON RIDER felt consistent to their previous comeback and maintains that enjoyable nature.

Once again, the music video doesn’t make much sense to me. I did have a rewatch of their previous music video, but I can’t seem to pinpoint any connection between the videos, as I am going on the assumption that the comebacks are linked. In this video, the members are obsessed with the moon. For a moment, they close their eyes together and find themselves searching for something. While I was expecting us to see what they had found, the video leaves me slightly frustrated by not showing us anything. Towards the end of the video, they snap back to reality and then converge (upon remembering what happened) to a white box that has light shining from it. You probably can see my literal notes for the video don’t make sense. But that is how the video comes off for me. Many questions are flying through my mind. Any help will be appreciated. Aside from the plot, the video does have a simple aesthetic of black and white dominance. It felt stylish and trend, compliment the music in an abstract manner.

From what I could see in the music video, the choreography looks good. It isn’t as exciting as other routines out there. But the energy was pretty much well-matched between song and dance. My only critical comment is that the choreography could have been a little more refined by polishing the synchronization of artist and dancers. But this might be the editing of the music video.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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