[Review] Encore – GOT7

Earlier this year, GOT7 announced their departure from JYP Entertainment, their home for the past seven years since debut. The leadup to this news, there were rumours of disbandment and rifts between the members and their agency (i.e. JYP Entertainment unfollowing GOT7 members on Instagram and vice versa). However, like many groups nowadays, GOT7 promised their fans that they will remain as a seven-member group into the future despite signing to different companies and seek ways to promote together under the name GOT7. Many groups have made similar promises but have yet to make that group comeback that they have promised, instead focusing on solo work. Well, GOT7 has managed to deliver on this promise by regrouping shortly after their departure to release Encore, a single that promises fans that they are still a group no matter what.

As the song’s messaging suggests, Encore is quite different from the usual dance centric title tracks we have heard from GOT7 over the past seven years. While a dance track or something of their usual style would have been greatly appreciated, the group opts for more of a ballad approach with a band-inspired instrumental that is quite toned back. I feel like most songs for fans typically fall into this style simply because it is the easiest way to convey thoughts and feelings. But instead of being a sad ballad, there is a hopeful tone in both the instrumentation and from the members, which suits the messaging of Encore. Every member (vocalist or rapper alike) all take a melodic approach to their lines, complimenting the band-like instrumental that I had mentioned they opted for. It was quite flowy and soothing to listen to. What I also really enjoyed was the line distribution of the song. It felt like each member got a distinct part. I know that Mark and BamBam got the least, but their parts were noticeably theirs. I also liked how these two members, who usually just rap, actually had vocal lines in this song. The ‘Encore‘ repetition was quite nice, briefly mimicking the shouting of ‘Encore‘ that you would usually hear fans shout at the end of the concert, which they actually did blend into the song at the very end. Overall, Encore definitely came off as touching and pleasant.

The music video simply showed the members gather to record the song, share a meal and convey that promise that they are still a group in a short speech in the video. Pretty much what I expected. It was nice to see the members show their friendship in a casual and laidback manner, without the need for flashy lighting and elaborate set designs. They used a home style filming approach, which made the video feel more impactful. At the end, when they blend the fans shouting ‘Encore‘ into the song, we see a camera filming the crowds at one of their concerts whilst the members on stage. To include fans in the final moments of the video was really nice and appreciative.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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