[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of March 2021

Sorry about the delay for the Weekly KPOP Charts post for the 1st Week of March 2021. I was on holiday last weekend and I couldn’t find time to actually write up the post this past week. It has been one busy week. So without any more delays, here is the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 1st Week of March 2021.

Before I proceed with actual charts (it will be another short post today), I just wanted to touch on the recent blip (Spotify vs. Kakao M) that caused about half of the KPOP songs on Spotify to disappear without a trace. It had an effect on the chart below, given that many songs on the charts ended up vanishing from my playlist. It is quite disappointing that such an event could occur, and I wish there is better protection in the future for the artists (as they easily could have dragged out for months or even years!). I tried to compensate by actively ensuring I listen to them on YouTube so they had a fair go at being on the charts. I am glad the situation has been rectified. However the songs only reappeared on my playlist yesterday, so I suspect that blip will still have an effect on the past week’s chart as well (i.e. 2nd Week of March 2021). Okay, now back to the charts.


Congratulations ONF’s Beautiful Beautiful for continuing to sit on the throne of 1st place for the second week in a row. For more of the charts, continue scrolling down below.

  28th Feb – 6th Mar 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Beautiful Beautiful ONF (=)
2 Tail Sunmi (▲ 8)
3 Why Why Why iKON (new)
4 Bicycle Chungha (▲ 9)
5 Inside KEEMBO (▲ 42)
6 Get Away VERIVERY (new)
7 Don’t Call Me SHINee (▼ 5)
8 Fallin’ (Adrenaline) AB6IX & Why Don’t We (▲ 7)
9 Wings PIXY (▲ 38)
10 Excalibur KINGDOM (▲ 25)
11 Celebrity IU (▼ 8)
12 HWAA (G)I-DLE (▼ 5)
13 U MAD BOBBY (iKON) (▲ 24)
14 Odd Eye Dream Catcher (▲ 15)
15 Stay Young AB6IX (▲ 1)
16 Lose Wonho (▼ 11)
17 ASURABALBALTA T1419 (▲ 27)
18 Blossom Oh Sae Beom (▲ 29)
19 My Name Is ONF (▼ 7)
20 Cinema CIX (▲ 7)
21 Fireworks (I’m The One) ATEEZ (new)
22 Paranoia Kang Daniel (▼ 14)
23 Encore GOT7 (▼ 3)
24 Breathe Golden Child (▼ 18)
25 God Damn I.M (▲ 22)
28 Used To This Jang Hanbyul  (▲ 5)
29 Thank U U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) (▲ 18)
30 X Chungha (▲ 10)


The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run on the charts and will be removed to make way for new songs:

  • In The Dark – Jeong Sewoon
  • Luxury Big House – BOYHOOD
  • Crush – MCND
  • ON&ON – Hong Eunki
  • Fallin’ (Adrenaline) – AB6IX & Why Don’t We
  • Fav Boyz (Gold Star Remix) – A.C.E & Steve Aoki ft. Thutmose

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