[Album Review] Dystopia: Road to Utopia (6th Mini Album) – Dream Catcher

It is time for another album review. Honestly, I am so sorry about how scarce these album reviews are this year. They just take up so much time and I find myself to be quite limited with time lately. I am trying to keep to my schedule where I can and I am hope to get out all the album reviews that I have flagged on the ‘Coming Soon’ page as soon as possible. But enough talk about that. Today, we will be focusing on Dream Catcher’s latest mini-album, Dystopia: Road to Utopia. It features the single Odd Eye as the title track and Wind Blows as the secondary promotional track of the album. In addition to those two songs, Dystopia: Road to Utopia includes another three songs and an intro track (which I will not be including in the review). So without any further delays, here are my thoughts on Dystopia: Road to Utopia.

Dystopia: Road To Utopia Album Cover

2. Odd Eye (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Odd Eye. (9/10)

3. Wind Blows (바람아) – Dream Catcher, once again, merges their signature rock sound with EDM. While the group has done this before with some of their other side tracks, Wind Blows is unlike any other. And I say that in a good way. Wind Blows is a powerful piece. The energy that comes off it is quite thrilling. The softer moments of the song helped make the rest of the song more impactful. Their vocals and rapping really suits this style. Maybe in the future, Dream Catcher can revisit something along the lines of Wind Blows for a title track, as it definitely has the potential to be ground breaking change to their rock niche. (10/10)

4. Poison LovePoison Love opts for an electronic dance profile, diverting well away from that rock niche that is associated with Dream Catcher’s name. And it joins the ranks of amazing side tracks from the group. Honestly, the amount of times I have replayed Poison Love since its release is probably quite unhealthy. Poison Love has such a sleek club sound during the chorus, subtly intense and quite hypnotic. The verses, considering the combination of instrumental and vocals, come off as quite classy sounding. The rapping in the second verse is heavy, yet continues the trance that the chorus creates. As a whole song, I find Poison Love to have this nostalgic factor that reminds me of songs from 2000s (which is what I grew up on). (10/10)

5. 4 Memory – Dream Catcher continues their diversion from their rock sound, continuing with a lighthearted song that delves into a mild touch of acoustics and a heavier tinge of an abrasive EDM. 4 Memory is a nice song that showcases their vocals. The lightheartedness of the song really brings out a smile in the listener, and you can feel the positive and bright atmosphere that is exuded from the song. Overall, quite enjoyable. (9/10)

6. New Days (시간의 틈)New Days returns to the rock sound that we all know Dream Catcher for in their last song. New Days sound like it could be the anthem or OST for a bright and happy anime. It is quite an upbeat and bright song. I could imagine myself listening to the song while in the park on a day of blue skies. I really like their vocals in New Days. While the song blasts us with rock energy, their vocals keep the song grounded and not go overboard with the rock energy. I also like their harmonisation in this song. The best part of the song has to be the ‘Wa’ that follows the first and final choruses. It just adds a level of prettiness to the song that one would not expect when you hear this style of rock sound. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.4/10

Dystopia: Road to Utopia Teaser Image

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