[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of March 2021

[Update] Due to an urgent change in plans, there will be no reviews posted from tomorrow night aside from the scheduled posts. And the number of scheduled posts will be reduced considerably. Reviews will start again next week.

Another Sunday has come by and it is time to have a quick look back at the past week. Compared to the rest of March, this past week has been relatively quiet. Aside from IU making her solo comeback with LILAC, Sorn from CLC made her solo debut with the single Run. But March isn’t over just year, with a few more days left on the calendar. And based on a list of confirmed comebacks, it seems like everything is happening this coming week. But as usual, before we can proceed forward with the new week, let’s have a look back at the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 4th Week of March 2021.

Easter long weekend

Next weekend will be the Easter long weekend here in Australia. And as like all long weekends, I will be taking some additional time off the blog to spend with my family. As a result, there will be no review for songs released on 31 March to 4 April 2021. Any of those releases (and any releases I don’t around to reviewing from 29 March to 30 March) will be reviewed the week after. Next week’s edition of the Weekly KPOP Charts will also be delayed to later in the week. However, there will be scheduled reviews and album reviews released over the long weekend this time around.

Throwback corner

Nope, still in a Rollin’ mood. Still not tired of this song. Brave Girls did end their promotions for Rollin’ earlier this week, so that is one less avenue to continually listen to the song. So maybe, a new song will be featured in this segment next time it Rollin’ around.

The chart

Congratulations to Pentagon once again for topping KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Charts for the second week in a row with Do Or Not. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  22nd Mar – 27th Mar 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Do or Not Pentagon (=)
2 After School Weeekly (▲ 56)
3 KILLA MIRAE (▲ 55)
4 What Type of X Jessi (▲ 54)
5 LILAC IU (new)
6 Paranoia Kang Daniel (▲ 1)
7 Ponzona PURPLEKISS (▲ 18)
8 Can We Talk Again PURPLE KISS (▲ 15)
9 Coin IU (new)
10 I Like You Ciipher (▲ 48)
11 Young Blood DRIPPIN (▲ 1)
12 Beautiful Beautiful ONF (▼ 9)
13 Blossom Oh Sae Beom (▲ 36)
14 Fireworks (I’m The One) ATEEZ (▼ 8)
16 D-D-Dance IZ*ONE (▲ 42)
18 On The Ground ROSE (▼ 14)
19 Tail Sunmi (▼ 3)
20 Inside KEEMBO (▲ 26)
21 Feel Like WOODZ (▼ 16)
23 Trust Me (MIDZY) ITZY (▲ 35)
24 Burn It Golden Child (▼ 14)
25 Spit It Out MAJORS (▲26)
26 Away From Home Kim Jeong Uk (▲ 32)
27 Odd Eye Dream Catcher (▼ 5)
28 ZERO:ATTITUDE Soyou & IZ*ONE ft. pH-1 (▼ 1)
29 Don’t Call Me SHINee (▼ 11)
30 House Party Super Junior (▼ 19)

Songs leaving the charts this week

A lot of songs are leaving the charts this week, as they have completed their nine week run on KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Charts. They are:

  • Burn It – Golden Child
  • U MAD – BOBBY (iKON)
  • Odd Eye – Dream Catcher
  • Celebrity – IU
  • I’m Not Cool – Hyuna
  • Eeny Meeny – Yunho (TVXQ)
  • D-D-Dance – IZ*ONE
  • Moving On – Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
  • I Wish – Soohyun & Hoon (UKISS)
  • With U – SPAX
  • Nostalgia – Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)
  • Shining Star – N.CUS

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