[Review] My Name Is – ONF

Due to some last minute changes, I will posted the promised ONF album review a day late.

As promised for this long weekend, I will be tapping into some of the releases that I have yet to review yet but have flagged on my Coming Soon page that I will be reviewing. For this particular post, I have selected My Name Is by ONF, in preparation for their upcoming album review for their first studio album, titled ONF: My Name, which I will be posting soon. The music video for My Name Is was an unexpected drop two days prior to the release of the album and Beautiful Beautiful (the album’s title track) as far as I could remember, as we didn’t get any news of a pre-release for this album.

But My Name Is was a welcome surprise, especially with how fun the song ended up being. You might need to have watch the music video for My Name Is to really grasp what the lyrics of the song are about. Essentially, the members took turns in their own sections to introduce themselves. It was quirky, but definitely enjoyable. And it is also interesting to hear such a carefree and light tone to the group, since their past title tracks have predominately been intense EDM based songs. I enjoyed the lighthearted nature of the instrumental mix. Nothing from the strumming and plucking of acoustic guitars to the horns that gave the chorus a substantial backing to the pop instrumental underlay felt like a huge commitment (this is a compliment!!). Everything worked together to give us that lighthearted tone. What I also enjoyed about the song are the vocals. For the most part, each members vocalised their part. Even Wyatt, the resident deep voice rapper, did his share. It brought a nice playful colour to the song, as I expected for more rap or sing-spoken delivery in the song. Overall, My Name Is was enjoyable, fun and a unique personalised song that reintroduces you to the group. There is something for everyone in this song, regardless if you are a long time fan or just hearing of them for the first time.

The music video was very inviting and casual. Fitting for the song, the video was shot in the same sets as the Beautiful Beautiful music video. Just everything in this video feels fun and lighthearted like the tone of the song. Their smiles and interaction (i.e. Wyatt and MK’s awkward hug) throughout the video really emphasised this. I also really enjoyed the handdrawn visual effects that were added to the song. They added a bit more to the casual side of the video, which made the video even more enjoyable.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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