[Album Review] ONF: My Name (1st Studio Album) – ONF

Finally, I am crossing off another album off my ‘Coming Soon’ page. The main attraction of this album review post is ONF, who recently released their very first studio album since their debut back in 2015. The album is titled, ONF: My Name and it features Beautiful Beautiful as the title track, My Name Is as a pre-release track, the English version of Beautiful Beautiful (which I have chosen not to review), a 2021 version of Lights Up (which I have also chosen not to review as it is on part of the physical version of the album) and seven other new songs. This won’t be the last time we will be seeing ONF in the immediate future, however, as WM Entertainment has confirmed ONF will be returning with their first repackaged album last this month. In the meanwhile, here are my thoughts on ONF: My Name.

ONF: My Name Album Cover

1. Beautiful Beautiful (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Beautiful Beautiful. (10/10)

2. My Name Is (Pre-Release Track)Click here to read the full review of My Name Is. (9/10)

3. Thermometer (온도차) (ON Team Version)Thermometer is brought to us by the ON team, which includes Hyojin, MK and E-Tion. Thermometer is a very pleasant-sounding ballad that ticks the swaying criteria that you may know I have for this particular genre. It brings out the vocals of the three members. It isn’t the album’s standout song, but it is still one worth listening to if you enjoy your ballads. (7.5/10)

4. Secret Triangle (비밀) (OFF Team Version) – The OFF team features J-Us, Wyatt and U, and they bring us Secret Triangle. Secret Triangle is the better of the two unit songs on the album. You might think it is because it is more upbeat than the ballad that preceded Secret Triangle, but you are only partly right. There were some really good moments such as the dynamic descending drop, Wyatt’s deep tone rap-speaking entrance (which led into the equally as awesome rap sequence from Wyatt), the whisper-like vocals that started off the bridge courtesy of Wyatt and U, J-US high note, and the rock-influenced closing sequence. (9/10)

5. The Realist The Realist has that synth pop vibe that you would associate with The Weeknd. And that is an amazing feeling, as The Weeknd has really amazing songs (see Blinding Lights as an example). I also feel that The Realist would have been a really great alternative for ONF as their final song on Road To Kingdom. What I really like about The Realist is that ONF are the vocals. The really sleek and sly whisper-like vocals in this song really amplify the synth pop instrumentation. I really like the vocals at the ending as well, which have this sensual yet punchy feeling to complete the song. The electric guitars really helps concentrate everything towards the end, adding a layer of oomph to the already strong song. (10/10)

6. On-You (Interlude)On-You returns the album to the bright and cheerful tone that the album started off with in Beautiful Beautiful and My Name Is. To me, the energy at the start of the song felt contained and plain. It was only until the second verse when Wyatt and MK were rapping did I become interested in this interlude. And then everything else following (despite it being a replication to the first verse and chorus) felt more playful and enjoyable. Aside from the song’s ‘turning point’ for me, I also enjoyed the ending when all the members sung together. (8/10)

7. Trip Advisor (누워서 세계 속으로) Trip Advisor is another upbeat and bright song to fit in with the group’s brighter profile. Trip Advisor, to me, is very enjoyable and features a lot of really good elements. The instrumental has brass (many ticks as a result of this inclusion) and a retro feel-good vibe which I find very appealing. The vocal work from the members show off a lot of technique and skills. Trip Advisor also has some really addictive and fun hooks, which helps tick off the memorable box on my criteria list for a really great song. (9/10)

8. FeedbackFeedback also fits into their brighter profile. It is a sweet sounding R&B track that brings out their vocals. I didn’t find anything interesting in this song, apart from a clear and strong melody. But that, compared to the rest of the album, doesn’t make Feedback a strong song. But Feedback was still enjoyable. (7/10)

9. I.T.I.L.UI.T.I.L.U (I Think I Love U) is another ballad on this album. This one is more straightforward and typical of the ballad genre. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad song. I.T.I.L.U’s backdrop is this stunning orchestral piece. It had everything you would want in an orchestral ballad instrumentation. On top of this background are powerful vocals from the members. Each member, to me, shined really brightly in this song. I also really liked how they, one-by-one, kept on repeating the Korean word for ‘Forever’ at the end of the song. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

ONF: My Name Teaser Image

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