[Album Review] Love Synonym Pt.2: Right for Us (1st Mini Album) – Wonho

And the focus is on solo artists this week, I thought I knock out some album reviews for solo artists that I have flagged that I will be reviewing. One of the albums on that list is the second part of Wonho’s first mini-album, Love Synonym Pt.2: Right For Us, which was released at the end of February 2021. I believe this album was originally scheduled for a 2020 release at the end of the year, but we never heard anything more other than confirmation that Wonho was preparing for a comeback. Right For Us features the title track, Lose. In addition to Lose and its five other songs, there is also an English version for Lose and an outro track (both of which I have chosen not to review). So without any more delays (one and a half month wait is a long time), here are my thoughts on Wonho’s second mini-album.

Love Symphony Pt. 2: Right For Us Album Cover

1. Lose (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Lose. (9/10)

2. DevilDevil is a very slow-paced R&B track. For the most part, Devil is a successful song. Wonho’s execution of his whispering vocals and the consistency of the instrumentation pretty much hypnotizes you as you listen to it. The one thing that does hold the song back for me is the slow pace of the song. While it does have its benefits (i.e. that hypnotic vibe), it does bring a level of plainness to the song. But that dramatic, abrupt yet brief twist of clashing percussion and deep autotuned vocals we get towards the end of each chorus really helps draw your attention back to the song as your attention fades away from it. Cleverly crafted. (8/10)

3. Best ShotBest Shot changes up the momentum of the album with a more upbeat sound. I really like the funkiness of the pop song, brought to you by the guitar work. The song is very animated and the energy is something much appreciated after the two preceding songs. The ‘Hit me with your best shot’ just before the chorus was really catchy and helped hype up the chorus. Wonho’s vocals, especially his falsettos, were effortless showcased in this song. As a package, Best Shot gave me Michael Jackson vibe, which is one of the highest compliments anyone can receive in the music industry, given that MJ is the King of Pop. (10/10)

4. WENEED – Next up is WENEED, a song entirely in English for his fans. In fact, the song’s title features his fanclub’s official name, Wenee. I am sure fans of his are touched, especially with how great this ballad sounds. Aside from his vocals, which sound sweet and reflective, WENEED also incorporates an atmospheric instrumentation that feels modern for a ballad. There is a lot of synth and percussion use, something atypical for a ballad genre. But given how open minded Wonho is, I am not surprised he pulled this style out of the bag for his fans. It would have been nicer if the melodies were a little more memorable. (9/10)

5. Ain’t About You (ft. Kilara) – Another full English song follows. This one isn’t about fans though, as it is more of a breakup song. But it is no ballad. Ain’t About You is a collaboration between Wonho and American sing-songwriter, Kilara. It features a funky yet trendy instrumentation that feels lively and full of energy. The pair appears to sound like they are flirting through their vocals in this song, showing us chemistry (which is so important in a collaboration). On top of that, but there was some really good vocal work from the pair throughout the song. If I had one wish for this song, I would have loved to hear more explicit harmonization. But Ain’t About You is good enough as it is. It is a show stopping song and is my pick for this album’s hidden gem. (10/10)

6. Flash – From what I understand, Flash was previously unveiled to fans at his online concert last year. And based on his lyrics and the fact that he cried while delivering the song to his fans at his concert, Flash is another song dedicated to Wenees. His vocals are wonderful here, exploring his higher vocal range once again. But that wasn’t surprising as the rapping that Wonho provided through this song. He is a decent rapper and this song shows us that. Hopefully, we hear more of rapper Wonho in future songs. Other than that, it is pleasant song that I am sure touched many fans. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10

Love Symphony Pt. 2: Right For Us Teaser Image

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