[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of April 2021

Another Sunday, another opportunity to look back on the week that just past. We have reached the end of April this week, and the mid-year mark is fast approaching. It is definitely scary how fast the year is going by! I hope you all have been having a great week and look forward to the new releases in the KPOP world in the incoming month! Big names have already been confirmed such as HIGHLIGHT, ONEUS, Ailee, NCT Dream, Oh My Girl, BTS and TXT (just to name a few)! Definitely one to look forward to. But in the meanwhile, let’s look back at the final week of April 2021.

New songs this past week

In addition to the releases from ENHYPEN, AB6IX, ONF and ITZY that I have already reviewed, other artists that released music this week (and have been added to the charts for a nine week run) include Hyunseong (former Boyfriend member), BIBI, HOT ISSUE, (G)I-DLE and Kim Kyu Jong (member of the currently inactive SS501).

Throwback Corner

This week’s throwback corner is actually a very recent release. Soyou and IZ*ONE’s joined forces with one another for the Starship and Pepsi collaboration project, ZERO:ATTITUDE (which also features pH-1) back in February of this year. The song has resurfaced on YouTube for me, and I have been listening to it every single day this week. You should, as well!

The Charts

Congratulations to ENHYPEN, who has topped this week’s Weekly KPOP Charts with their first comeback since debut! Their new song is titled Drunk-Dazed! Make sure you check it out and (per usual), for more of the charts, keep on scrolling down!

  25th Apr – 1st May 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Drunk-Dazed ENHYPEN (new)
2 CLOSER AB6IX (new)
3 Loved You BAE173 (▲ 25)
4 Ugly Dance ONF (new)
5 M.A.F.I.A (In The Morning) ITZY (new)
6 LILAC IU (▲ 27)
7 ONE ASTRO (▼ 3)
8 Antidote Kang Daniel (▼ 7)
9 Do or Not Pentagon (▲ 4)
10 5K Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION) (▲ 56)
11 Fireworks (I’m The One) ATEEZ (▲ 45)
12 You Make Me DAY6 (▼ 10)
13 Scared P1Harmony (▲ 3)
16 Kiss The World NTX (▲ 50)
17 VO!D HyunJun Hur (▲ 49)
18 Unnatural WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (▼ 9)
19 Atlantis SHINee (▼ 14)
20 libidO OnlyOneOf (▼ 1)
21 Love Song Yoon Ji Sung (▲ 8)
22 Warning Kim Sejeong (▲ 41)
23 Say Yes IZ (▲ 43)
24 Seoul GHOST9 (▼ 12)
25 Ponzona PURPLE KISS (▲ 23)
26 House Party Super Junior (▲ 17)
27 MOON RIDER BDC (▲ 30)
28 Spider Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) (▼ 18)
29 I Wouldn’t Look For You Kim Jae Hwan (▼ 23)
30 Universe DONGKIZ (▲ 21)

Songs leaving the charts this week:

The following songs have completed their nine week run on the charts and hence will not be appearing on next week onwards:

  • Fireworks (I’m The One) – ATEEZ
  • Get Away – VERIVERY
  • Why Why Why – iKON
  • Why Don’t We – Rain X Chungha
  • Say Yes – IZ
  • Call U Up – Park Ji Hoon ft. Lee Hi
  • Because Of You – Woosoo
  • Breath: Blood Night – Greyish
  • Not Over – MCND

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