[Album Review] All Yours (2nd Studio Album) – ASTRO

It has actually been three weeks since the last album review. But it has felt like an eternity. That might be due to the fact I have so many albums that I want to to really sit down and review. I just haven’t found the time to do so. But I am hoping to sit down over the next two days to smash out some and get them scheduled for the rest of the month. Good luck to me! For today, I have decided to review an album released over two months ago! That album is ASTRO’s second studio album, All Yours, which featured the title track ONE. The album was quite a success, going on to winning three awards from the Weekly Music Shows (MTV The Show, MBC Show Champion and MNET MCountDown). And it is long overdue for a review. So before I delay it anymore, let’s move forward with the review!

All Yours Album Cover

1. Dear My Universe All Yours starts off with Dear My Universe. It is a pop song that kicks ASTRO’s second album off with a pleasant tone. While many albums kick off the album with powerful energy and high intensity, ASTRO opts to ease us into their album instead. I like this tactic, as it holds no surprises for me. The pop instrumentation has this really chilled and soft approach, which makes it an easy listen. This lightness extends to their vocals and rapping, which compliment the instrumentation by not off-balancing the song in anyway. I really like the melodies and the track is quite enjoyable overall. (8.5/10)

2. Butterfly EffectButterfly Effect takes the pleasant pop tone of the previous song and amps up the energy with a more upbeat instrumentation. It really like the aesthetic that is present in Butterfly Effect. This aesthetic comes through the contrast between the verses and chorus. We have pretty nice vocals throughout the verses, before the song ramps up to the chorus. It is preceded by a simply spoken ‘Fly’ before the drop kicks in, adding a level of dynamism and depth to the song. I do like how the vocal and rapping both remained light, as like in the previous but at a level that felt appropriate for the upbeatness of Butterfly Effect. (9/10)

3. ONE (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for ONE. (8/10)

4. Someone Else (JinJin, Moonbin, MJ) – The first unit song features the three members listed in the bracket next to the song’s name. Someone Else adds a funky flair to the album, that fits in the album. When the song first started, I expected a hip-hop song for odd reason. But the track ended up tapping into the pop genre. I liked the combination of the soft jazzy style and the intensity brought on by Jin Jin’s rapping that makes up the two halves of the pre-chorus. The chorus also had a really catchy hook, thanks to the melodic repetition of the title. (7.5/10)

5. SNS (Eunwoo, Sanha, Rocky) – The second unit song is made up of the balance of the group (names also listed in the brackets next to the song’s title). SNS brings back the pleasant vibes from the start of the album, with a pop song that leans towards the R&B genre. It also has this mature but feel-good vibe to it, which is an interesting combination to put together. I feel that SNS could have used a superior hook, but instead focuses on melody and that mature profile to sell the song to us. But even without a strong and memorable hook, SNS still has its own charm, coming off as smooth and sleek track at the end of the day. (8/10)

6. All Good All Good is my pick for best song on the album! I really like the infectious positive energy that the song brings to both the album (and any playlist that you add it to). It also brings a smile to my face and I can’t help but really get into it when it appears on my album. The song’s central part, the chorus, was quite an addictive sequence of the song. I liked the blast of energy it had, along with the super catchy ‘It’s so good, It’s so good’ hook. I also like the layer of the ‘Gonna be alright’ over the top, which added a stunning complexity to the otherwise simple and feel-good track. (10/10)

7. All StarsAll Stars has the difficult task of following the likes of All Good. I think All Stars ended up feeling less energetic and a bit slower paced than the preceding song. However, it did a good job of continuing the positivity and feel-good vibes that are being channeled the album’s songs. There was a nice pleasant showcase of vocals and rapping from the members, and there was a decent hook in the song. I did enjoy the harmonization throughout the song, and the JinJin’s shouty ‘Everything is Okay, Every time is okay, Everyone is okay’ in the second half of the chorus. (7/10)

8. Our Spring (우리의 계절) – Next up on the album is Our Spring, It is the first song on the album that opts for a slower tempo. It is a really soothing song when you think of the vocals. But what I really enjoy is the punch of energy that the song delivery via the instrumentation. It isn’t your typical ballad instrumental as it incorporates electronic synths and drums. The rapping blends the two sides of the song together. You can feel a bit of emotion behind the rappers’ deliveries, but they also have the intensity that is fitting for the instrumentation. It is a good listen, and I highly recommend it. (9.5/10)

9. Stardust Stardust aligns to the ballad genre, more so than the previous song. This is mainly because of the instrumentation we get. It starts off with a piano as the main core, before slowly bringing in some orchestra influences. The orchestral touch is relatively soft when it does come and goes, but you can tell it is there. The vocals work extremely well against the instrumental. But I just really enjoyed the rapping in Stardust. It is gripping and well-articulated to be appropriate for a ballad. (8/10)

10. Gemini (별비) – The final song on the album is another ballad piece. And ASTRO manages to show themselves off alongside a really dynamic instrumental. It starts off in a similar fashion to the previous song with the piano. But when the orchestral influences come into play, it stays. Hence, I find this instrumental to be quite stunning, creating an amazing background for members. In the previous few songs, I have really been drawn to the rapping. But Gemini also shows off the groups’ delicate yet impressive vocal power, as well as the powerful rapping that fits so well into this ballad setup. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.6/10

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