[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of June 2021

Welcome all to the Weekly KPOP Chart for the 2nd Week of June 2021. As you can tell, I am posting this a lot later than usual today, as I was a bit busy earlier today. But now that I have some time before the day ends, I thought I make a start on the Weekly KPOP Chart post and try to get one more album review out today. I am lucky that tomorrow is a public holiday and (hopefully) I will be able to dedicate a bit more time to writing reviews on my day off! In the meanwhile, let’s move along with this post and get it out before the Sunday is over (I have less than two hours, wish me luck)!

Newly released songs of the week

You may have seen reviews for some of this week’s new releases already, including EXO’s long awaited comeback with Don’t Fight The Feeling. Ha Sung Woon, N.Flying, WEi, TWICE, Hoya (former Infinite member), 24K and Hyunseong (member of BF/Boyfriend) also made their comebacks this week. We also saw the debuts of EPEX, LIGHTSUM, Woo Jin Young (D1CE) and Yugyeom (GOT7), while Chungha and Colde collaborated for a new single.

Throwback Corner

This week’s throwback song is Laboum’s re-emerging song, Journey to Atlantis. Originally released back 2016, Journey to Atlantis has recently experienced a resurgence in streams and have been rising steadily on the charts in South Korea. MSG Wannabe Top 8’s cover of the song has also assisted with this resurgence. More recently, Laboum returned to the stage with Journey to Atlantis this week on MBC Show Music Core.

The Charts

Congratulations to Ha Sung Woon’s latest song, the vibrant and upbeat Sneakers, for topping the charts this week. There was some stiff competition this week, given the entire Top 5 was made up of new releases! And they we tailing Ha Sung Woon’s latest release by a close margin! For more of the charts, scroll down below

  7th Jun – 13th Jun 2020
Title Artist Status
1 Sneakers Ha Sung Woon (NEW)
2 Don’t Fight The Feeling EXO (NEW)
3 Alcohol-Free TWICE (NEW)
4 Moonshot N.Flying (NEW)
7 Ring Ring Rocket Punch (▲ 35)
8 GOOD DAY MVP (▲ 30)
9 Dun Dun Dance! Oh My Girl (▲ 7)
10 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) TXT ft. Seori (▲ 1)
11 Hurt Baekhyun (EXO) & Seomoontak (▲ 14)
12 Oh Mama Bling Bling (▲ 51)
13 Finale (Show And Prove) BTOB (▼ 10)
14 Not The End HIGHLIGHT (▲ 1)
15 Up All Night GHOST9 (▲ 29)
16 |Believer| SF9 (▼ 9)
17 Let Me Know PIXY (▲ 34)
19 Where Are We Now Mamamoo (▼ 18)
20 Next Level aespa (▲ 11)
22 WOLFGANG Stray Kids (▼ 14)
23 Drunk-Dazed ENHYPEN (▲ 3)
24 Hot Sauce NCT DREAM (▼ 11)
25 Hello Joy (Red Velvet) (▼ 23)
26 Thank You APINK (▲ 28)
27 Easy WJSN The Black (▲ 5)
28 Bittersweet Wonwoo X Mingyu (SEVENTEEN) (▲ 21)
29 water color Wheein (Mamamoo) (▲ 34)
30 Last Dance (G)I-DLE (▲ 33)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have been in the chart system for nine weeks and thus will be removed from the charts system ahead of next week:

  • The Moon – Moon Sujin ft. Taeil (NCT)
  • Just Hug Me – Davichi
  • Atlantis – SHINee
  • Antidote – Kang Daniel
  • water color – Wheein (Mamamoo)
  • Side by Side – The8 (SEVENTEEN)
  • Universe – DONGKIZ
  • Love Song – Yoon Ji Sung
  • Rain on Me – MAJORS
  • Dancing in the Starlit Night – MAJORS
  • VO!D – HyunJun Hur

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