[Review] WE GO – fromis_9

It is time for another review for a release way back in May that I should have written much closer to the song’s release date. I am talking about fromis_9’s long-awaited comeback, WE GO, which dropped on 17 May. Definitely a long overdue review! This is the group’s first song in a while, with their last comeback being Feel Good (Secret Code) in September 2020. And over the last couple of years, fromis_9’s comebacks have become scarcer and less frequent. Since Love Bomb (my pick for the group’s most catchiest single yet), their comebacks have been an annual occurrence and this really disappoints me. They had a really optimal opportunity back in 2019 to continue the Love Bomb popularity, but that ultimately fizzed out after long hiatus. Hopefully, WE GO isn’t the group’s only single in 2021 and we get to hear more from the group soon!

It seems Summer returned earlier this year than what I have previously mentioned on this blog. Released in mid-May, WE GO seems to now be the first Summery song of year. But who knows, I might be reviewing another song down the track released even earlier that also fits Summery description. But let’s deal with that when we get there. WE GO takes on a simple pop sound that isn’t overcomplicated in both its structure and tone. For me, I think the best way to describe WE GO is pleasant. Pleasant is a good descriptor, but it could also be a bad one from my point of view. And I feel that this song tethers on that fine line that separates the good and the bad. WE GO isn’t a boring song. It has a nice melody and is easy on the ears. The vocals add a nice sweetness to the song. It also decent hooks that have potential to be catchy. I will also say that the song feels fun and refreshing, which is where the Summery description I mentioned at the start comes from. But on the flip side, pleasantry doesn’t necessary equate to being memorable. And this was the issue with WE GO. It just wasn’t memorable enough. Since the song’s release, I don’t think I have gone out of my way to actually search up the song. I also feel if the song was more memorable, then I would have ensured that this review was published much earlier, rather than a month and half later on. I think one way the song could have overcome this issue is with bolder instrumentation. I feel that would have peaked my interest a bit more and given the song a bit more heft in the memorability department. Overall, WE GO is a decent track, but also forgettable for the most part.

I really like the creativity behind the music video. The editing for this music video must have been insane. Essentially, we see a video being edited of fromis_9 imagining themselves on a holiday. It felt very relevant to current times, where we don’t have that freedom to travel. I really like when they changed various shots by changing the sky through the ‘editing’ we see. I also really like how relevant they made the video. Aside from just the concept, I liked how they used different frames (i.e. the editing tool, Zoom interface and Instagram) to transition the shots into each other. Pretty dynamic. The Facetime ringing caught me off guard (literally made me jump) each time I play the video, though it is a great tactic to get me refocused onto the video to watch the final chorus. I also see an emerging trend with the greenery and white platform that music videos use. It worked well here, given the boldness of the shot.

The choreography for this comeback was also nice. Not exactly the most spectacular, but definitely helped made the song feel a little more memorable (in a visual sense) when I watched the stage performances.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.4/10

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