[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of June 2021

It is another Sunday and it is time for another Weekly KPOP Chart post. As you can probably tell, I have been absent from the blog all weeks, sans two reviews, due to some personal stuff. I will be back to normal transmission of reviews this week. Due to this massive week causing my hole in my review schedule, I have decided to do two things around the following two weekends (and I may extend to more weekends). Firstly, I will be focusing on only album reviews from 2 to 4 July. (PS. That’s next week). The weekend after I will be focusing on new debuts (i.e. 9 to 11 July), meaning that all the reviews you will be seeing that weekend will revolve around the newly debut groups which I have missed this year so far. The weekend after that might be a ISR (International Song Review) weekend, though it might be paired with the usual album reviews you see over the weekend. I will decide on that a little closer to the date. Hopefully, I will can smash out many reviews as there is a lot to catch up on. Until then, you and I have the Weekly KPOP Chart post for the 4th Week of June 2021 (this post) and a whole week’s worth of reviews to get through.

New songs added to the charts this week

So aside from A.C.E’s Higher, which was the only new release of the week that I actually sat down to review, there are a bunch of new releases that will be added to the charts that I may/may not get around to reviewing. These include:

  • Paradigm – Xydo
  • Poison – PinkFantasy
  • The Juice – Sam Kim
  • Secreto – Yezi
  • Africa – Jeongmin
  • Lazy – Kim Woosung (The Rose)
  • Obvious – MAJORS
  • Mixtape: OH – Stray Kids

Throwback Corner

This week’s featured song in the Throwback Corner (or section of the post, however you see it) is Stray Kids’ Back Door. You might recognize it from a previous Throwback Corner or too. It was just a song I gravitated to a lot this week. Like an unhealthy amount.

Non-Korean Track of the Week

I am also going to be bringing this back, just to give these types of songs some love. I had it up for a couple of weeks, but then it disappeared. I never made a decision, I just forgot it one week and never added it back in. Very simple eligibility for this part. Just be a song released by our favourite Korean artists that I have been listening to. Feel free to also post your Throwback and Non-Korean Tracks of the Week in the comments section below. I would like to see what you all have been listening to outside of the current KPOP music. For this week, the song featured in this segment is TXT’s Magic.

The Charts

And we have finally reached The Charts part of the Weekly KPOP Charts. Congratulations to Brave Girls’ Chi Mat Ba Ram, once again, for topping KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Charts for the second week in a row!

  20th Jun – 26th Jun 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Chi Mat Ba Ram Brave Girls (=)
2 Ready To Love SEVENTEEN (▲ 4)
3 Don’t Fight The Feeling EXO (▲ 1)
4 WE GO fromis_9 (▲ 13)
5 Higher A.C.E (NEW)
6 Alcohol-Free TWICE (▲ 6)
8 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) TXT ft. Seori (▲ 5)
9 Drunk-Dazed ENHYPEN (▲ 9)
10 SPIN OFF UP10TION (▼ 7)
11 |Believer| SF9 (▲ 23)
12 Moonshot N.Flying (▲ 25)
13 riBBon BamBam (GOT7) (▲ 16)
14 Sneakers Ha Sung Woon (▲ 32)
15 Hurt Baekhyun (EXO) & Seomoontak (▲ 33)
16 Dun Dun Dance! Oh My Girl (▼ 8)
17 Purple woo!ah! (▲ 49)
18 Hot Sauce NCT DREAM (▲ 12)
19 Easy WJSN The Black (▼ 5)
20 BYE BYE BYE WEi (▼ 15)
21 Where Are We Now Mamamoo (▲ 46)
22 Rain To Be ONEWE (▼ 15)
23 WOLFGANG Stray Kids (▲ 26)
24 illa illa B.I (▲ 28)
25 Up All Night GHOST9 (▲ 44)
26 Ring Ring Rocket Punch (▼ 2)
27 Make Up Your Mind Ailee (▲ 8)
28 At Ease iKON (▲ 22)
29 Gemini AB6IX (▲ 40)
30 Finale (Show And Prove) BTOB (▲ 17)

Songs leaving the charts this week

Per usual, there are a few songs leaving the charts this week as they have finished their nine week run on my charts. They are:

  • Nothing Happens – Hyunseong
  • Drunk-Dazed – ENHYPEN
  • Ugly Dance – ONF
  • Last Dance – (G)I-DLE
  • Color Pencil – Kim Kyu Jong (SS501)
  • M.A.F.I.A (In The Morning) – ITZY

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