[Album Review] Dear OhMyGirl (8th Mini Album) – Oh My Girl

Unfortunately, this will be my final post this weekend for what was supposed to be a focus on album reviews. In reality, I only wrote two additional album reviews that usual. But I have plans to do another focused weekend down the track because I still have so many albums to review. I barely made a dent during the last two days! In the meanwhile, I have decided to review Dear OhMyGirl, Oh My Girl’s 8th mini-album since debut. Leading this mini-album is Dun Dun Dance, which dropped early May. Last year’s mini-album, Nonstop, turned out to be their most successful release yet and that was headlined by the title track of the same name and the side-track Dolphin, which became a long lasting trend in KPOP. Let’s see if Dear OhMyGirl has what is takes to exceed that high standard that Nonstop had set.

Dear OhMyGirl Album Cover

1. Dun Dun Dance (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Dun Dun Dance. (10/10)

2. Dear You (나의 봄에게)Dear You twists the album in a different direction, incorporating a very soft pop track into the tracklist. Nothing in this song is heavy, with all elements being light and feathery. I really like the use of synths in the instrumental, giving the song fresh feeling. The melodies remind me of nursery rhymes, which brings a subtle nostalgic factor to the song. Some of the vocals have been processed to make it feel distant from the instrumental, which helps create the illusion of depth. When the vocals are not processed, they are superb! Each member did a stunning job in Dear You. It is a top pick for me. (10/10)

3. My Doll (나의 인형 (안녕, 꿈에서 놀아)My Doll continues the soft approach that Dear You add. The synths in this song are a bit more prominent. But this doesn’t shorthand the soft and airy nature of the song The instrumental in My Doll gives the song texture, while the vocals give off that airy feel. The combination of the two amps both texture and airiness of the song, creating an aesthetic appeal that you know I am drawn to. (9/10)

4. Quest – The airiness continues in Quest. This time, the instrumental resembles an 8-bit style that is also relatively paced. For this song, I feel that the airiness doesn’t really appeal to me. If anything, it withdraws any energy that is commonly associated with 8-bit styled music. I wished there was something in the instrumental that bulked up Quest to make it a more fulfilling and satisfying song. I feel the vocals tried to do that, especially how it did develop to having a substantial bite. But I don’t think it was enough. Quest, to me, was the most lacking song on this release. (6.5/10)

5. Who Comes Who Knows (초대장)Who Comes Who Knows taps in the jazzy style of pop song. Following the title track, it is the first song with what I guess you can say is an upbeat instrumentation (relative to the above songs). It is a pleasant track, especially when the members sing the title of the song. I love how the repetition of the title just floats; it is so beautiful. Who Comes Who Knows also shows off the vocals of the group, delicate and warming. (8/10)

6. Swan – Closing the album is the song is also the heaviest song on the album. Swan has a beat to it, which is a great contrast for the album. The song has this rock influence during the pre-chorus, before it turns into a EDM track for the chorus. In keeping with the album, however, the EDM drop isn’t anything too crazy. In fact, I think it on the softer side of the spectrum of EDM drops, which works well with the rest of the album. I liked the energy that comes from the song, which once again, finds that fine balance between soft and heavy. The vocals give Swan some substance and helps complete the track in a satisfying manner. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.9/10

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