[Review] Dun Dun Dance – Oh My Girl

The next major comeback from today is Dun Dun Dance from Oh My Girl, which is featured on the group’s 8th mini-album since their debut in 2015. This is the group’s first comeback since their mega hit Nonstop topped charts in 2020. It also follows the continous success of their side track Dolphin and YooA’s with Bon Voyage. High expectations as the result of a highly successful year for Oh My Girl are placed on Dun Dun Dance, so let’s see if the new song meets those high expectations.

Right off the bat (and for me at the very least), Dun Dun Dance definitely meets those expectations. And at the moment, judging solely on how much I am enjoying the song, Dun Dun Dance exceeds those very same expectations. A little fun fact about me writing reviews – I usually do so just before going to bed. And so, I am usually very tired while typing up my thoughts for the new releases (sorry for spelling mistakes and if something doesn’t make much sense, I do try to proofread but sometimes some mistakes just sneak into the reviews). But the vibrant and upbeat energy Oh My Girl and Dun Dun Dance‘s producers manages to package into the song’s almost four minute run time was so damn infectious, it literally woke me from my tired state and gave me energy to have a little boogie in my chair. And it is so infectious that I have to stop writing the review because I am too engrossed in the song’s funky and groovy vibes. (I pressed paused so I don’t lose any more focus on the review). It too also brought a smile to my face, which is definitely saying something, especialy after the long day I had. I love the funky instrumentation of the song, which is the main driver of that infectious energy. Dun Dun Dance also benefits from its lightness. It isn’t too heavy of a song, which helps make it so appealing and refreshing to me even in my tired state. The vocal work was really nice, especially when it came to the chorus. I really like the way that Seunghee (for the first and second chorus) and Jiho (in the final chorus) drags out that ‘High~‘ in the lyrics. It is the song’s small detail that I really enjoyed. Even Mimi’s raps weren’t heavy handed despite it opting to feature her deeper tone and the instrumentation tapping into the typical trap base. But what makes Dun Dun Dance memorable for me, and is probably what pushes the song over those expectations that I mentioned at the start are the catchy hooks that are just digging. They are part of the reason to why I now cannot get the song out of my head and I must take a 4 minute breather to have another listen!

For the music video, it appears that Oh My Girl are aliens that are brought to Earth to have some fun. They look pretty normal at first, but I did find their placement alone in each of the settings to be very perculiar. The start looked like a flying saucer was trying to get to them, but in fact was there to collect them. But since Oh My Girl is having so much fun on Earth, they send the flying saucer away at the end. I liked how the indivdual solo shots came out, especially with the various effects we saw (i.e. the camera flying over Mimi and Seunghee during the second post-chorus hook, and small round camera effect that we saw Mimi become part of for her short rap sequence in the final post-chorus hook). I also enjoyed how the camera really made the colours, especially in the choreography scenes pop out, making this one beautiful video as well!

Once again, the choreogeaphy for this comeback is very fitting for the song. I really like the bounce the choreography has, which complimented the upbeat and vibrant feel of the song. I also really l enjoyed the entirity of the chorus’ routine. It looks very fun! It is a pity that Mimi is unwell, as her absence from the showcase was felt while they group was perfoming Dun Dun Dance for the first time. Hope she has a speedy recovery and we see her soon!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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